Kim Jun-tae and Cho Myung-woo scored the first 13 and 11 runs of their quarterfinal match at the Ho Chi Minh City 3 Cushion World Cup 2023 on Sunday to take control of the game and reach the semifinals with little trouble.

Kim Jun-tae hit six in the first inning, 13 in the third, and eight in the fourth to score 28 runs in the first four innings to help his team defeat Same Sidom 50-25.

Choi Sung-woo fired 11 straight shots in the first inning before hitting eight in the 10th to end the first half 30-7, foreshadowing an early victory.

Kim Jun-tae will battle Bromdahl, who defeated Heo Jung-hwan 50-32, for a place in the final row.

Bromdahl has been in great form, scoring a World Cup-high 26 points in the round of 32, while Kim Jun-tae has also been on a five-match winning streak.

Choi will face Martin Horne in the quarterfinals after his 50-41 victory over the Fourth Heavenly King Yaspers.

Same Sidom, who has been particularly vulnerable to Kim Jun-tae (losing his last three), managed just four runs in the first half.

Kim Jun-tae went without a hit until the ninth inning, including three in a row in the second five innings, and led 41-7, but he faltered in the 10th inning and had to wait until the 20th inning to close out the match.

Choi made short work of the first half. An 11-run first inning was followed by an 8-run 10th inning to reach the 30-point plateau.

Tran, who had come from behind to defeat Cha Myung-jong, was cheered on by the home fans, but he had only scored seven points by then.

However, as Choi struggled in the second half of the game, Tran hit four and five in a row to catch up, and the score was 47-41 in the 28th inning.메이저사이트

It was a moment reminiscent of Cha Myung-jong’s upset loss, but Choi was Choi. Down 47-43 in the 30th inning, he scored the final three runs to end Vietnam’s hopes.

Kim Jun-tae reached the quarterfinals for the second consecutive tournament, while Cho Myung-woo is on the verge of his second World Cup podium.

The two semifinal games will be played at 3:30 and 6:30 on the 28th and the final at 9:30.

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