The 20-year-old players of the Hanwha Eagles, who received a lot of attention last year for their outstanding performance, signed an increased amount to prepare for the new season. Ha Joo-seok, who caused controversy by committing drunk driving after the season following the ‘helmet throwing’ incident, accepted a salary cut in half. 안전놀이터

Hanwha announced on the 26th that it had completed the annual salary contract for the 2023 season. Among the 49 registered players, the highest rate of increase went to infielder Kim In-hwan (29). Kim In-hwan signed for 64 million won, an exact 100% increase from last year’s annual salary of 32 million won. He entered the professional career as a foster player in 2016, and after being registered as a full-time player in May of last year, he entered 113 games, 429 at-bats, and recorded 16 homers and 54 RBIs. His many strikeouts and low on-base percentage were considered as tasks to compensate for, but he spent a memorable year receiving attention as a timber to continue the lineage of giant guns within the team.

Pitcher Yoon San-heum (24), who garnered fans’ attention as a hard-hitting baseball player despite his young age, also signed a new contract for 48 million won, a 54.8% increase from the previous year. Yoon San-heum, who made his nest at Hanwha in the 2021 season after going back and forth between independent leagues and pros, showed potential with an average ERA of 2.67 in 33.2 innings last year with a fastball coming out of a dynamic pitching form. In addition, left-handed fireballer Kim Bum-soo recorded the highest markup in the team, stamping at 141 million won, up 44.2 million won (45.7%).

Ha Joo-seok, who started the season as captain last year, was hit with a ‘knives’. A whopping 50.2% (190 million won) was cut for 100 million won. Aside from the record of only 1.38 WAR (contributed to victory over substitute players), a bigger problem has emerged every day outside the plate. In June of last year, while protesting the decision and entering the dugout, he threw a helmet and received a 10-game suspension, and in November, he was caught driving drunk and received an additional 70-game suspension.

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