Major League Baseball (MLB) player Ha-Sung Kim of the San Diego Padres hit his fifth home run of the season.

Kim hit the home run in the top of the fifth inning against the visiting Washington Nationals of the 2023 MLB World Series at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., on May 25.

Trailing 2-5 and leading off the inning, Kim drove a 91.6 mph (147 km/h) fastball from Washington starter Trevor Williams over the right-center field fence.

The home run hit 104.9 miles per hour (169 kilometers per hour) and traveled 123 meters.

The home run extended his hitting streak to six games, a nine-game hiatus since he hit his fourth home run of the season on April 14 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.메이저사이트

Kim’s home run was significant for several reasons.

First, it’s the first time he’s hit a fastball for a home run this season.

It was also his 24th home run in the big leagues, and his first over the right-center field fence.

His previous 23 home runs were all to left or left-center field.

Kim also scored his 100th career big league run with a home run of his own.

After making his big league debut in 2021, Kim drove in 27 runs in his first year and 58 runs in 2022, and the home run was his 15th of the season.

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