KCC recruited Lee Jong-hyun through a trade.

KBL announced on the 1st that KCC approved a one-on-two trade by sending Kim Jin-yong (199cm, F) and Park Jae-hyeon (183cm, G) to Goyang Carrot instead of bringing in Lee Jong-hyeon (204cm, C).

KCC tried to make up for the lack of height by recruiting Lee Seung-hyeon (197cm, F) this off-season. However, Lee Seung-hyun underwent surgery. He returned earlier than expected, but not in normal condition. In the beginning, he had a hard time adapting to his poor condition and the new team, but as time passed, he melted into the team and his physical condition improved. As a result, KCC, which hovered in the lower ranks, bounced back in the 3rd round and jumped into the 6th round fight.

But it was after the All-Star break. This is KCC, where the uptrend in the first half has disappeared. They lost all their first 4 matches. To make matters worse, even Lee Seung-hyun was unable to play due to an elbow injury. 온라인카지노

Then, KCC made up for the lack of height through trade. Lee Jong-hyun was a national center center that attracted attention until his college days. In particular, he kept under the goal of Korea University along with Lee Seung-hyun. However, injuries hindered him and he missed opportunities to grow. He is averaging 3.3 points and 2.3 rebounds this season as well.

However, at KCC, you can receive more opportunities than Carrot. Currently, KCC is because Lee Seung-hyun is unable to play due to injury. There is Kim Sang-gyu (201cm, F), but he is still behind in height. Also, Lee Seung-hyun, whom Jong-hyun Lee relies on and follows the most, can provide various kinds of help. This is why Lee Jong-hyun’s trade is attracting attention.

Kim Jin-yong and Park Jae-hyeon, sent by KCC, did not perform well in the first team of KCC this season. He was mainly active in the 2nd team. In other words, KCC recruited Lee Jong-hyun without any major leaks. 

Can Lee Jong-hyun, who was traded to KCC, help KCC heighten? This will be a key point in the fight for the remaining 6 rounds of KCC. Also, this trade will be a valuable opportunity for Lee Jong-hyun.

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