“I want to let people know that Seo Moon Se-chan is diligently preparing for a second professional challenge. I don’t want to feel the pain of last year, which ended in failure again.”

On the 22nd, in the 2023 KXO 3×3 Hoengseong Tour and KXO League Round 1 Group B qualifiers held at the Hoengseong Inline Skating Rink in Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, the traditional powerhouse Hansol Remicon lost 18-22 to Busan Clean Shot. They fought closely until the second half of the game, but fell on their knees to the outer gun of Busan’s clean shot. 

A clean shot from Busan that has emerged since last year. Busan Clean Shot, which had been active as Busan DEPOT134 until last year and changed its team name to Busan Clean Shot ahead of this season, won a valuable first victory amid even performances of all four players. 

It was a disappointing game for Hansol Remicon, who allowed a come-from-behind defeat. Although all of the key players such as Lee Seung-jun, Lim Won-jun, and Kim Cheol participated, Hansol Remicon collapsed after revealing a lack of support. 메이저사이트

Ahead of this tournament, Hansol Remicon started recruiting ambitious players. Hansolemicon, which needed young blood, recruited Seomun Se-chan from Hanyang University to add vitality to the team. 

Seomun Se-chan, who received attention as a promising player by winning the U16 Asian Championship and making the quarterfinals of the U17 World Cup with Lee Hyun-joong in high school, graduated from Gunsan High School and went to Hanyang University. He failed in the KBL draft last season after failing to overcome an anterior cruciate ligament injury sustained during his junior year of college. Foreword Sechan had to take an entire year off after injuring his cruciate ligament.

Afterwards, Seomun Se-chan, who took a seat in the Ansan TOP youth basketball class and made a fresh start as a youth basketball leader, was unable to abandon his lingering attachment to basketball. Seomun Se-chan, who is not tall at 182cm, but has been recognized for his skills enough to be selected for the U16, U17, and U18 national teams every year since 2015 when he was in high school. 

Seomun Se-chan, who took the 3×3 stage for the first time through the match against Busan Clean Shot, served as an energizer for Hansol Remicon amidst the high activity as the team expected. He seemed to have difficulty adapting to the unfamiliar 3×3 stage at the beginning of the game, but he took the lead of Hansol Remicon by scoring two 2-pointers after the middle of the game. 

However, Seomun Se-chan, who did not show the same active movements as before, as if the first 3×3 stage was unfamiliar, said, “I heard a lot of words, but it is definitely a very different match from 5 to 5. The flow and timing of the game were awkward. It’s a pity,” he said, expressing his feelings about playing his 3×3 debut game. 

Seomun Se-chan, who apologized to the team for throwing a shot that should not have been thrown at the match in the second half of the game due to his poor judgment, said, “Anyway, the game flow is so different from 5-5, so I don’t think I could get on the team’s flow myself.” I couldn’t read the flow and threw an erroneous shot. I feel sorry for the team and I will focus more on winning the next game.” 

Seomun Se-chan, who started his new 3×3 career at Hansol Remicon, dreams of re-challenging KBL. Like Han Jun-hyeok, Kim Hoon, and Kim Jun-hwan, he announced himself through 3×3 and then tried again in the KBL draft to get a chance. 

“Last year, I failed in the draft unfortunately, but I am preparing harder this year. I will do my best from the 3×3 stage so that I can get attention from the KBL club officials. I started 3×3, and I will do my best so that both the team and I can grow. I hope you will keep an eye on me.”

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