A maximum of 6 games will have to be played with as many as 5 players missing. No matter how strong the squad is, Jeonbuk Hyundai is bound to feel a burden.

Jeonbuk is facing the ‘three weeks of death’. Jeonbuk sent five players, including Baek Seung-ho,소닉카지노 Song Min-gyu, Park Jin-seop, Kim Jeong-hoon, and Park Jae-yong, to the Asian Games national team. The Asian Games national team, convened from the 4th, will train in Changwon until the 12th, then move to Paju NFC on the 13th, conduct additional training until the 15th, and depart for China on the 16th. Jeonbuk will have to play without them starting this weekend.

As the military issue is at stake, the selection of key resources to the national team is welcome, but it is also frustrating for Jeonbuk, which has an important game ahead of it. All five people selected are core resources. Vacancies are inevitable across all positions, including the front line, wingers, central midfielders, and goalkeepers. Although Jeonbuk is said to have built a force close to a double squad, it is not easy to fill the gap of five players.

The schedule is also tight. Jeonbuk will be competing in the Asian Champions League (ACL) starting next week. After clashing with Gangwon FC at home on the 16th, they will play the first match of the ACL group stage against Hong Kong’s Keach on the 20th. Jeonbuk, who will play a league game against Gwangju FC again on the weekend, the 24th, will play Daegu FC on the 30th and then travel to Thailand on October 4th. We have a match against Bangkok United. If the Asian Games national team makes it to the finals, it will have to play without five players until the match against FC Seoul on October 8. Up to 6 games.

September is an important month for Jeonbuk. Jeonbuk is currently in 5th place with 43 points. Jeonbuk, which had been on the rise since the resignation of coach Kim Sang-sik and under acting coach Kim Doo-hyun, seemed to be quickly making a soft landing under the newly appointed coach Dan Petrescu. It seemed like it was only a matter of time before he regained second place, his final pride. However, the plan has recently gone awry as they have fallen into a slump with 3 draws and 1 loss in 4 games. Meanwhile, the second-place Pohang Steelers (53 points) remain undefeated, widening the gap further. With only 9 games left until the end of the season, a last-minute spurt is desperately needed.

In addition, the ACL, which needs to make up for its poor performance this season, is a stage that cannot be missed. Jeonbuk must kill two birds with one stone, but will have to spend nearly three weeks without key resources at a critical moment. First of all, Coach Petrescu is said to have focused on setting the mood through intensive training during the international break. Fortunately, there are no significant injuries. As it is a style that emphasizes the best 11 rather than rotation, it is expected to focus on improving the condition of key resources.

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