Certainly, baseball was the national sport of Japan. An astonishing 18,000 spectators gathered for the national team training.

Japanese media ‘Baseball King’ reported on the 17th that ‘about 18,000 spectators gathered on the first day of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Japanese team camp’.

Baseball King’s camp training for the Japanese national team started on the 17th in Miyazaki Prefecture. The number of spectators who gathered to see Samurai Japan was 18,541. Cheers and shouts erupted not only from the play on the main ground, but also from the players moving between the grounds.”

In the case of the KBO League, about 15,000 people usually come to the weekend big match. It is not an evaluation game or a practice game, but just training, and the fact that cloud spectators flock to it makes you realize its popularity.

Japanese coach Hideki Kuriyama could not hide his gratitude to the fans.

Hideki said, “I saw them go to the baseball field early in the morning. I was moved. I am really grateful that the fans are looking forward to it. Responding to that feeling is, of course, a victory. I engrave this in my heart and entered the stadium,” he said without fail to repay the fans’ support. He said he would do it and burned his fighting spirit.

Among Japanese major leaguers, Yu Darvish (San Diego) was the only one who joined early. Major League clubs allowed the national team to join in March after the club’s spring camp. San Diego made an exception only for veteran and ace Darvish. 바카라사이트

According to the Japanese press Digest, Japanese domestic players asked Darvish as their teacher and asked various questions.

Darvish gave a principled answer, saying, “I focused on training as usual. The team atmosphere is very comfortable.”

Darvish said, “There are some players I haven’t had a conversation with yet. I think I’m listening to a lot of stories. In addition to winning and losing, I want to share information and grow with each other.”

Of course, the condition is not already 100%.

Darvish said calmly, “There is no jet lag. It will take about a week to fully adapt. I will adjust without overdoing it.” Darvish is likely to appear in the opening match against China.

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