Cristiano Ronaldo has announced his escape!

“Ronaldo wants to leave Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr, saying he can’t stand it anymore,” Spanish media outlet Mundo Deportivo reported on the 24th.

“Ronaldo has realized that the reality and infrastructure of the club in Saudi Arabia are too far away from him,” the source added.

Ronaldo has been on the move since his contract was terminated by Manchester United. He insisted on staying in Europe, but it wasn’t easy.

Eventually, he left Europe for a new challenge. His destination was Asia. He signed a contract with Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr, a club that showcased the power of oil money.메이저사이트

Ronaldo struggled to settle in at first, but he gradually proved his competitiveness and is now fueling Al Nasr’s attack.

However, it appears that Ronaldo is not enjoying life in Saudi Arabia. With less than a year left on his contract, he announced his departure.

After leaving Al Nasr, Ronaldo wants to return to Europe.

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