Apology has nothing to do with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) retention.

Messi recently posted a public apology video through his social media. “As always, after the game, I expected to take a day off. So I planned this trip and couldn’t cancel it. I apologize to my teammates and await action from the club,” he said.

Unauthorized departure was the cause. Messi left PSG for Saudi Arabia after losing 1-3 in the last game against Lorient. It is known that he, who is serving as a public relations ambassador for Saudi Arabia, visited to carry out his business.

A problem arose here. It has been reported that Messi left Saudi Arabia without consulting PSG. French media ‘RMC Sport’ said, “Messi recently left for Saudi Arabia as a public relations ambassador, but there is a controversy that PSG did not give permission for this. In fact, it seems that Messi and PSG have ended. He was sentenced to a state suspension.”

As the controversy continued, Messi posted an apology video to alleviate it. Regarding this, Gaston Edul of the Argentine media ‘TyC Sports’ said that Messi’s actions contained his intention to end things well with PSG. He said: “The video of Messi has nothing to do with his future at PSG. He has decided not to renew his contract with PSG and that is the end. This apology is only meant to calm down relations with PSG. He wants to join Barcelona. I’m doing it and I reacted like this to end it with PSG in the best possible way.”온라인카지노

As mentioned, Messi has been strongly associated with Barcelona lately. As contract negotiations with PSG slowed down, there were rumors of transfers with various clubs, among which was Barcelona, ​​the ‘home team’.

There are plenty of possibilities. President Juan Laporta continued to talk about Messi’s return, and it was revealed that Barcelona colleagues who ate together with him also strongly wanted Messi’s return. As Messi and PSG’s contract renewal negotiations virtually ended, rumors of a return to Barcelona were further strengthened. Spanish media ‘Mundo Deportivo’ has already made Messi’s return to Barcelona a foregone fact.

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