HL Anyang won the Asia League Ice Hockey regular league championship after 6 years.

HL Anyang, led by coach Baek Ji-seon, was held on the 4th in Flat Hachinohe, Japan, in the 39th round of the 2022-23 season Asia League Ice Hockey Regular League against the Tohoku Free Blaze, with Shin Sang-woo, Lee Jong-min (2 goals), Lee Young-joon and Kim Gun-woo as relay scorers. We won 5-0.

With this, HL Anyang confirmed their first Asian League Ice Hockey regular league championship in six years since the 2016-17 season, regardless of the final game result on the 5th with 31 wins and 8 losses.

This victory is more meaningful as it overcomes various difficulties caused by the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

After the Asia League was canceled due to the spread of Corona 19 during the playoffs in February 2020, HL Anyang suffered from all kinds of bad news.

Multiple nationality players, who were the pillars of the defense, retired, and domestic veteran players also left the team. In June of last year, captain Jo Min-ho, who was the tactical and mental support of the team, suffered the pain of leaving the world after fighting an illness.

In addition, HL Anyang could not play properly due to Corona 19. While the Asia League was suspended, five Japanese teams played their own leagues, while HL Anyang could not play a proper league due to a lack of domestic base. After Daemyung Killer Wales disbanded in March 2021, it was difficult to find a suitable sparring partner. 스포츠토토

However, HL Anyang took the lead from the beginning of the season and came out on top. Baek Ji-seon’s leadership brought the team together, and veterans such as Kim Ki-seong, Kim Sang-wook, Lee Young-joon, Ahn Jin-hui, Park Jin-gyu, and Lee Don-gu played the role of ‘fixer’ in a crisis situation by holding the center of the offense and defense. Gatekeeper Matt Dalton instilled confidence in the team with an iron wall defense that overshadowed the vacancy over the two seasons.

In addition, newcomers such as Ji Hyo-seok, Oh In-gyo, Yoo Beom-seok, Lee Joo-hyung, Kim Gun-woo, and Song Jong-hoon gained steady opportunities to participate, adding strength to their growth and team power.

HL Anyang will challenge the 7th champion title in the 2022-23 Asia League Ice Hockey Playoffs starting on the 9th. The first opponent is the 4th place Higashi-Hokkaido Cranes. If you pass the first round of the best of 3 matches, the winner of the Red Eagles Hokkaido-Nikko Ice Bucks will play the final match of 3 best of 5 matches from the 18th.

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