I apologized to the coach.”

In the second half of the season, the coach suddenly resigned. The team went on a seven-game losing streak and dropped to seventh place. As a captain, he must have been embarrassed and felt a lot of responsibility.

Lotte Giants captain Ahn Chi-hong (33)안전놀이터. He said that he met with former manager Larry Sutton separately on the 28th. “I met with the manager before we left for Daejeon. I felt very sorry for him. I told him I was sorry,” he said.

Acting head coach Lee Jong-woon asked Ahn Chi-hong to take on the role of a leader. He asked him to create a team atmosphere with the veterans.

“We still have a season, we still have a chance, and we are professionals,” Ahn said on the 30th at Daejeon Baseball Stadium. I talked to the players about not giving up,” he said. “In a season, there are winning streaks and losing streaks. Opportunities will come. It will be different when the team mood is up.”

In April, Lotte had nothing to fear. They went 14-8 in 22 games and were in first place. The team continued its upward trajectory through May, but took a sharp turn for the worse in June.

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Ahn Chi-hong said, “I was under a lot of pressure at the time, but I overcame my fears and performed well. I hope I can do it without fear in the future.”

Ahn played for the youth national team while at Seoul High School. He had a relationship with Lee Jong-woon, who led the national team at the time. At the time, Lee was the head coach of Gyeongnam Go. “He was strict with the national team,” Ahn said, “and because of that connection, I think he felt comfortable giving me the role of captain.

It is also a very important season for him personally.

It’s the last year of his four-year free agent contract. He is performing well. As of Sept. 30, he was batting .357 (106-for-357) with six home runs and 53 RBIs. “I’m not going to lie, I can’t afford to think about my stats,” he said.

“Let’s just think about winning and do the best we can until the end. I want to set an example for the younger players to follow.”

That’s what Lotte captain Ahn Chi-hong said alongside the veterans.

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