GS Caltex Kang So-hui (26) is leading the team’s upward trend.

GS Caltex won a set score 3-0 (25-20, 25-21, 25-17) shutout victory against IBK Industrial Bank in the 4th round of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 13th. Reaped. 

GS Caltex, which had two consecutive victories, showed off the performances of Kang So-hui and MoMA. Kang So-Hwi recorded 16 points (attack success rate 51.72%) and continued the recent uptrend, and MoMA scored the most points of both teams with 18 points (attack success rate 44.44%).

Coach Sang-hyun Cha, who emphasized the importance of Kang So-hui in the interview that day, praised Kang So-hui’s recent performance, saying, “Kang So-hui came in after a shoulder injury and is showing good performance.” Kang So-hui also said, “I am continuing to strengthen my shoulders. He is pain free. I think I’m in good shape right now,” he said.

Kang So-hui, who has to play an important role in both offense and defense, said, “The left (outside heater) always seems to have a burden as a basic option. It’s important to do well consistently, but I’m proud that I’m doing well these days. I asked (Ahn) Hye-jin that no matter how the toss came, I asked for a lot of balls if I looked good. Today, I think Hyejin believed in me and lifted me up.”

MoMA and Kang So-Hwi are the two pillars of GS Caltex’s attack. Kang So-hui said, “It’s now my second year with Moma. I know my personality better than I did in my first year and know how to play. Even if Moma frowns on the court, I know it’s because of her competitive spirit. Now that we understand each other, we joke around and raise the tension. I think she’s strong because she hits any ball hard,” she said, sending her faith in her. 바카라

GS Caltex (10 wins, 11 losses, 31 points), which is in 4th place in the league, is chasing Korea Highway Corporation (11 wins, 9 losses, 32 points) in 3rd place. Kang So-hui said, “The ranking competition is fierce from 3rd to 5th. Rather than being too conscious of the rankings, we try to focus on our play better.”

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