The Samsung Lions are the kingdom of catchers.

Three key catchers are lined up in each generation. There are currently 4 catchers participating in the 1st team camp in Okinawa. They are Lee Byung-hun (24), who was discharged last year, led by the eldest brother Kang Min-ho (38), Kim Tae-gun (34), and Kim Jae-seong (27). Lee Byung-hun, who is full of fighting spirit, is also growing rapidly with various advantages in both offense and defense.

The ‘Samposoo’ system has many advantages.

First of all, a long season and a catcher rotation can prevent a rapid decline in physical strength. In particular, it has a great effect on maintaining the concentration of catchers in the summer, which is a competitive season.

Pitchers can also be given options. Sensitive pitchers may prefer a particular catcher.

If you prefer a backup catcher whose skills are significantly lower than that of the main player, there may be a balance problem such as weakening the batting line.

But if all three catchers are starters, you don’t have to worry about that. In addition, Kim Jae-seong is right-handed and left-handed, so various combinations are possible depending on the selection of opponents.

Even in the samposu system, the heart of the Samsung catchers is Kang Min-ho.

A veteran catcher in his 20th year as a pro this year, having gone through all the battles. The professional stage experience accumulated over 7,300 days is permeated into every bone. It is like a flickering lighthouse to younger catchers who are growing step by step. He is also the trustworthy host that Samsung pitchers still trust the most.

age in the late thirties. The power is still sufficient, but there is no need to overdo it.

It’s a win-win to save your stamina while wearing masks alternately with your juniors.

Kang Min-ho intends to use all his stamina for the team. He is concentrating on batting in camp with the intention of pouring in at batting. On the days when he is not playing as catcher, he thinks that he will help the team as a designated hitter depending on the situation. To do this, you need to maintain the best batting conditions. 스포츠토토

Kang Min-ho, who shaved off his shaggy beard at the beginning of the camp, continued to explain his batting focus, saying, “I just grew my (beard) for no particular reason, but yesterday I shaved it off” after finishing the game against Chunichi on the 11th as the designated hitter 4 times. “It’s important to finish without injury during this camp. And I’m preparing to finish the season in good health,” he said. It is to catch the sense of self and see a lot of the pitcher’s ball,” he explained.

A power hitter who still boasts a distance within the team’s top five fingers.

On a day when he wasn’t ‘catcher’ Min-ho Kang, the likelihood of seeing ‘DH’ Min-ho Kang often increased.

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