Moon Jung-Hyun also played a big role. 

Korea University won 98-61 against Sungkyunkwan University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 9th. 

Moon Jeong-hyeon, a special forward from Korea University, played a big role against the tough enemy Sungkyunkwan University. Moon Jeong-hyeon, who was unusual from the first quarter, harvested 27 points and 10 rebounds even after playing until the third quarter.

Moon Jung-hyun said, “I’m happy to be able to achieve such a great victory ahead of the match against Yonsei University. Even if my play today isn’t 100% perfect, I feel good because it seems to have worked out to some extent.”

Regarding the fact that the first quarter ended with a lead, “I think Sungkyunkwan University is a strong team rather than that we didn’t solve it. Sungkyunkwan University also played a seesaw game with Yonsei University, and we thought it wouldn’t be easy. ” he replied.

In addition to the recent college league schedule, this is Moon Jeong-hyun, who is digesting school activities, teaching student practice, and more than 100 times training. Mun Jeong-hyeon expressed his gratitude to the coaching staff who helped him a lot, such as driving him directly to the trainee training site.

Moon Jung-hyun expressed his gratitude, “Thank you very much. It will be difficult to meet the coach and coach who care so much. The coach and coach are not the type to show off, but I always feel grateful.”

Moon Jeong-hyeon participating in the Yisangbaekbae, which will be held from May 19th. This event is held at Yonsei University for the first time in four years. How do you feel about playing the Korea-Japan match?

Moon Jung-hyun said, “We are facing an important Korea-Japan match. I will play with the determination to win unconditionally.

The possibility of participating in the early draft last year was discussed, but Moon Jeong-hyun decided to spend his senior year at Korea University.토스카지노

Moon Jeong-hyun said, “I admit it. I promised to improve with the coach by spending one more year at Korea University instead of going to the early stage. During the winter training, I was really scolded. I made a promise, so I’m trying to keep it. It’s still not enough.”

He added, “I thought I was good at weight, but after he went to the national team, I felt that wasn’t the case. BQ is my strength, so I have to make good use of mismatches. And I also have to supplement the physical part well.”

Moon Jung-hyun, who is being discussed as a candidate for the national team selection. He seemed determined about it.

Moon Jung-hyun said, “I have grown more than before and will think calmly. “He promised.

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