“The manager also needs to change.”

 There is a lot of talk in the professional world. If you do well, you do well, and if you do not do well, rumors rise that you can’t. Coach Nam Ki-il, the head coach of the professional football K League 1 Jeju United, has suffered from the latter recently, but is not shaken. As before, he also sails in his own way.

 Coach Nam Ki-il met with Sports World at the K League 1 Opening Media Day on the 20th and said, “It may be very regrettable that a player who has been responsible for our team’s offense for several seasons has been left out, but that concern has been turned into expectations for the newly joined players. It is important. We have devised various strategies. I have set up so that the ball can go a lot in front of the goal and I am training. If the prepared things show up well on the pitch and the players who join do well on the spot, I think they can overcome enough,” he said, strengthening his determination ahead of the 2023 season.

 The player that coach Nam mentioned is Joo Min-gyu (33), the “league’s representative striker.” Joo Min-gyu left for Ulsan Hyundai, his former team, through the transfer market last winter. Joo Min-gyu won the league’s top scorer under coach Nam, but it is a case of parting ways due to ‘misunderstandings’. Genius midfielder Yoon Bit-garam (33), who left for Suwon FC openly expressing his sadness, has a similar transfer. It is very rare for players to openly appeal to the manager and leave in the extremely narrow K-League. Naturally, question marks followed Director Nam’s tight guidance method.

 In response, director Nam often said ‘I will change’ through the media. What did it mean? “I was very young when I first started directing,” he said. He is already in his 11th year as a coach. Since he started at a young age, he had to show a ‘strong image’ and ‘strong character’. Since a young person started directing, he had to show such an image in order to be with senior leaders like Giraseong. So he seems to have been imprinted with a stronger image externally.” 메이저사이트

 “But now times have changed. Directors also need to change. It’s an era where you have to go with the team and the players. So, unlike before, I am focusing on getting along well with the players. As a direct example, players have recently been voicing their voices in appointing a coach for the Korean national team. People of my generation don’t understand (the part about the manager), but that’s the trend of players these days. If the directors don’t understand, there will be a generation gap or a sense of distance. So the director has to change, and I also want to change.” If he had been a boss-type manager until now, it meant that he would become a leader like a leader from now on.

 Director Nam explained that the standard for that change was the ‘World Cup’. He said, “It was hard to see even during the previous World Cup to give an opinion on the selection of the manager mentioned earlier. During the four years of preparing for the World Cup, football tactics and strategies change, but coaches’ guidance methods and attitudes towards players also change. I think not only me, but all coaches should follow the new trend after the World Cup.” 

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