On the 9th (Korean time), on the way back from the press conference for Leicester City at Tottenham Training Center ‘Hotspur Way’ located in Enfield, North London, England. At the entrance of the training ground, four groups were waiting for the players leaving work. Among them, a female fan wearing a muffler with Son Heung-min’s face on it drew attention. Since she is speaking in Korean, when asked in Korean if she is a fan of Son Heung-min, she replies, “I’m not Korean.”

Her story turned out to be that she was a Tottenham fan from Hong Kong. This fan, who introduced herself as Angel, 27, said she had traveled to Europe a year and a half ago, then found work and settled in London, she said. She is a huge Tottenham fan, and among them she likes South Korean ace Son Heung-min, she said. Seeing that she studied Korean on YouTube wearing a “Son Heung-min muffler”, it didn’t seem like “lip service” for a Korean reporter. Angel also showed a mobile phone background, saying that the picture was taken side by side with Son Heung-min at London Heathrow Airport.

When asked about the story, he said, “I woke up in the morning and found information on social network service that Son Heung-min was going to the airport. I hurriedly went to the airport and met Son Heung-min and asked for a selfie.” He told the story of his successful photo shoot. 온라인카지노

Why do ‘Hong Kong fans living in England’ like Son Heung-min? Angel said with a smile, “Because he’s handsome”, pointed to his feet with his index finger and replied, “He has good skills and has a good attitude.” As an expression we often use, it can be interpreted as ‘combining skills and personality’. Angel added, “I like Hong Kong and Taiwanese people, Son Heung-min.”

With his unique affinity, Angel approached Korean fans who were visiting ‘Hotspur Way’ for the first time without hesitation, did background coverage (?) such as when they came and when they went, and generously provided ‘high-quality information’ such as what kind of cars the players rode. Delivered. He also explained the ‘national rule’ that it is not possible to get an autograph on the back of a uniform with the name of a specific player.

Thanks to Angel, Korean fans could easily get autographs from Tottenham players such as Christian Romero, Richarlison, and Japhet Tanganga and take selfies. The ultimate goal of the mission, ‘Son Heung-min’s autograph’, unfortunately did not succeed, but Korean fans were satisfied with the kind response of ‘Kind Richarli Song’. Angel said that tickets for AC Milan’s away game (15th) are very expensive, but tickets for home game (March 9th) are 55 pounds (approximately 84,160 won), and that he plans to visit the stadium that day to support Son Heung-min.

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