There has been a change in the signature ‘Swilcan Bridge’ of the ‘Holy Land of Golf’ St. Louis Old Course.

The US Golf Digest and Golf Channel reported on the 5th (Korean time), “Transformation of Swillcan Bridge? Something like a terrace has been created.” 

The media quoted a picture posted on Twitter by the golf influencer ‘UK Golf Guy’, who has over 160,000 followers, and stone stones were laid round the floor at the beginning of the bridge. This look is like a terrace expression.

Golf Digest said, “Looking at the photo of the Swillcan Bridge that has been hot on Twitter since December of last year, it seems that the work has been carried out since the end of the year.” The Golf Channel said, “We have contacted St. Andrews about the repair work for the Swillcan Bridge, but have not yet received a response. We will have to wait longer to find out why they added a stone floor to the bridge.” 안전놀이터

Responses vary. UK Golf Guy, who released the photo, said, “Looking at it from another angle, it’s not that bad.” However, some overseas fans who saw the photo said, “It looks like Monagira drew a mustache. Who approved this? I think a dirt road would be better.” A composite photo of a barbecue, table, and chair on a round stone is also circulating. Some have speculated that “it may have been done to repair the bridge before golf”.

The Swillcan Bridge is the most symbolic space on the St. Louis Old Course, the ‘holiday of golf’. Veteran Tom Watson even kissed him on Swilkhan’s leg after competing in the last Open in 2010.

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