“Worrying about physical fitness is a prejudice.”

World baseball is enthusiastic about Shohei Ohtani, a ‘two-hitter’. This is because he is making history in the major leagues by performing outstandingly as both a pitcher and a hitter. He also led Japan to win the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which recently ended, and established himself as a baseball icon.

In Korea, there is also a high school prospect who doubles as a pitcher. Jeon Mir (18) of Gyeongbuk High School is the main character. With a height of 188 cm and a weight of 95 kg, Jeon Mi-re pitched in 3 games as a pitcher this season, recording 1 win and 2.65 ERA in 17 innings. His highest velocity was 149 km, and he uses various breaking balls such as curveballs, sliders, sinkers, and splitters.메이저사이트

His performance at the plate is also excellent. Jeon Mir recorded a batting average of 0.313 (5 hits in 16 bats), an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.875, 9 RBIs and 1 stolen base in 6 games.

After the match against Masan Yongmago in the quarterfinals of the ‘2nd Shinsegae E-Mart Cup National High School Baseball Tournament’ held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on the 7th, Jeon Mi-reu, who met with reporters, expressed his confidence in pitching. His stamina is also said to be no problem. Mir Jeon said, “It’s okay if you empty your mind. It’s fun to actually do a two-hit game. Worrying about physical strength is a prejudice.”

As a result of a survey conducted by Spotv News on scouts from 10 KBO league clubs ahead of the E-Mart Cup tournament, Jeon Mir was evaluated as “looking more likely as a pitcher.” What do you think? Jeon Mi-reu expressed his greed for both pitching and batting, saying, “If I had to choose between pitcher and hitter, I think I would be able to use a little more advantage in batting. However, I have a strong desire to pitch both.”

Watching Ohtani’s performance in the WBC, he further developed his dream. Mir Jeon said, “When I saw Ohtani, I thought he was cool. I wanted to be like him. Both pitcher and hitter are fun. I want to do both even if I go to the pros.”

Meanwhile, Gyeongbuk High School lost 4-6 to Masan Yongma High School and was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the E-Mart Championship. Mir Jeon swallowed regret, saying, “I played a game with no regrets. The opponent players did well. There was a difference in concentration. I also prepared hard, but I think it was not enough.”

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