Lesson pro Michael Block (USA) is the talk of the town after he made a hole-in-one on the 15th hole of the final round of the PGA Championship, a major on the U.S. Professional Golf (PGA) Tour.

After securing his spot in next year’s tournament with a respectable 1-over-par tie for 15th place, a fan offered to buy the club that made the hole-in-one. U.S. golf publication Golf.com reported on Thursday that Block had received an offer of $50,000 (about $66 million) for the 7-iron he used to make the hole-in-one. Block’s clubs are a set of Tour Preferred MC irons that TaylorMade released in 2013 and are more than 10 years old. However, Block is reportedly not selling them. The United States Professional Golf Association, which organizes the PGA Championship, wants to keep the 7-iron on permanent display at its new headquarters in Frisco, Texas.메이저사이트

“As good as the new model is in every way,” Block said, “it’s important to hit the club you’ve always played with, especially under pressure.” “I’ve never changed the lead tape I put on it four or five years ago to adjust the weight of the iron head,” he added, “and I’ve been using the wedges and putter for 20 years.”

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