The reason why figure skating ‘Team Korea’ was able to write a new history of winning the silver medal was thanks to the good results of all the players.

Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok met Lee Hae-in and Kim Ye-rim, who are at the center of it.


[Lee Hae-in/National figure skater: It was nice to see my friends since I went to school after a long time… ]

[Kim Ye-rim/National figure skater: (Did you pass the exam?) I’m doing my best.] I

‘ve returned as a perfect student for a while, but there’s no stopping.

Even after the disk surgery, ‘Figure Skating General’ wore skates again.

[Kim Ye-rim/National Figure Skating Representative: I definitely thought that my hard work in the past didn’t go anywhere.]

As I finished last season splendidly, my goal is to write a new ‘Career High’ every year.

[Lee Hae-in/National Figure Skating Representative: I decided to practice the triple axel because I wanted to add more new jumps and play in competitions.] Maybe because I’m온라인카지노

not alone, the possibility is greater.

If Yuna Kim, who introduced Korean figure skating to the world, was fighting against herself, competition is the driving force behind her growth for ‘Yuna Kids’.

[Lee Hae-in/National Figure Skating Representative: I am proud of the fact that there are many good players. ]

[Kim Ye-rim/National Figure Skating Representative: There are times when I feel a bit stressed, but I think stress is a good stimulus to keep developing.] This is also the

reason I look forward to the upcoming season.

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