Ballistic Golf is a new golf equipment brand founded in 2019 in the romantically named city of Morningsun, Iowa, USA. It makes forged irons and wedges, which are popular among enthusiasts because of their beautiful lines and excellent functionality. Apparel brands have also emerged in Korea. Following The Hyundai Seoul, Hyundai Department Store opened in KINTEX.

Founder Kyle Carpenter (34) is a rising star in the golf equipment industry who has created high-quality products that combine aesthetics and engineering while still young. The American golf world is looking at him as a person who will become the representative golf club master of the United States, succeeding Scotty Cameron. I persuaded Carpenter, who had not been interviewed as a recluse, and interviewed him via e-mail.

Q: Ballistic is in a small town. Is there a reason
“This is where I spent my childhood and where I first learned golf from my parents. It was here that I first realized the true value of golf and founded Ballistic Golf based on that belief, so I thought it was a meaningful place, so I decided to put my headquarters here. It is also the place where you get the most inspiration when designing clubs or developing new products. Every weekend, I go around the golf course with my wife and friends and have time to sketch by myself.”

Q: Why did you become interested in making golf clubs?
“At first, I liked to cut the number of strokes, so I spent 10 hours playing golf with my friends every day. Then I thought about how to play golf well, and I started to study equipment, that is, clubs. Dreaming of becoming the world’s best club craftsman, he disassembled clubs himself, did fitting such as adjusting angles and repairing heads, and studied various alloy materials and learned technology on his own. As an adult, he learned in earnest about metallurgy, processes, processing principles, and design in specialized facilities. He also served as a Metallic engineer in the energy division of a natural gas pipeline company for hands-on experience.”

“Golf is the science of projectile movement”

Q: Why was the name ballistic (ballistics) given?
“I think of golf as the science of projectile motion in flight, like ballistics. When I was thinking about the design and direction of the golf club, I thought the name Ballistic Golf was the most perfect. With the idea of ​​creating the world’s best club, he conducted 1289 experiments and trajectory studies over 10 years of trial and error. By physically calculating the angle of the golf club, the swing trajectory, and the trajectory of the golf ball, we have derived research results that can lead to optimal performance.”

Q: I feel technically strong because of the name.
“Ballistic embodies the brand’s meaning of ‘ballistics, that is, the flight of an object launched at the speed of an intercontinental ballistic missile or bullet’. The ultimate goal of Ballistic Golf is to produce the world’s best golf equipment needed to accurately hit a golf ball, that is, a projectile. To this end, based on craftsmanship, we strive to carefully manufacture equipment by maintaining the highest level of accuracy, quality, performance, and aesthetics.” 메이저사이트

Q: The irons are simple and beautiful. The line of the wedge is evaluated as sexy.
“Ballistic’s slogan is ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. I am an orthodox sticking to the classic club with a simple and clean design. I believe sticking to the basics and pursuing authenticity is the way to make a club stand out the most. There is a belief that the best when combining the beauty and power of the most original club with modern technology. Simplicity of design is a value that Ballistic always prioritizes, ultimately leading to sophistication of products. Golf clubs have an underlying beauty. My goal is to make a club that hits the golf ball the hardest and is also the most aesthetically beautiful. I don’t think there is a club like this yet. Through Ballistic, we will present the most powerful and beautiful club.”

Q: What is your brand philosophy?
“Ballistic Golf is a brand that pursues the essence of golf. New products will not be released every year. Introducing a new product with only a slight change in design from an existing model is, in the end, only a refutation of its existing model. We try to introduce new products only when innovative technologies come out. The putter is coming this year.”

Q: Why don’t you lower the iron loft angle like other brands and advertise it as a ‘club with a lot of distance’?
“I think we need to use the traditional loft angle to celebrate and honor the game of golf. Tiger Woods’ 7-iron has a 36-degree loft, just like the old players used it. So is Ballistic’s Iron MB model. However, we are also considering lowering the loft angle if the fans want it.”

Q: Ballistic reminds me of Miura, a leading handmade brand in Japan. What are the similarities and differences between the two brands?
“Miura, the maker of Tiger Woods’ irons, produces irons that look and perform the best. I am proud of the tradition of golf and equipment design, and Miura’s originality has also influenced me a lot. Although I am American, I am influenced by Japanese club craftsmen to create the best clubs, and I see this as a source of motivation. American masters such as Scotty Cameron and Bob Vokey each have their own strengths and outstanding qualities.”

Q: There are many putter and wedge craftsmen, but why are there so few iron craftsmen?
“Irons have a very small margin of error. The iron design should prove to be the most efficient considering the very short amount of time the club head interacts with the golf ball and the turf.”

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