Lionel Messi (35, Paris Saint-Germain) was also a ‘GOAT’ at heart.

As unfortunate news about Turkey and Syria, which suffered unprecedented damage from the devastating earthquake that struck on the 6th, is being reported every day, help is pouring in from various parts of the world. Here, Messi also started humanitarian aid.

According to CNN and others on the 10th (Korean time), Messi donated 3.5 million euros through his foundation to support the recovery of Turkey and Syria. It is equivalent to about 4.7 billion won in Korean money.

Messi, who lifted the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar World Cup championship trophy and filled his final puzzle, became the ‘Best Player (GOAT)’ of all time, both in name and reality, and his warm move is expected to be an example for many.

Messi is also consistently exerting his influence for good, helping children in Indonesia and helping victims of civil wars in Palestine and Syria.

Meanwhile, the cumulative death toll in Turkey and Syria, where a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred on the morning of the 6th, exceeded 21,000 on the 9th (local time). This figure far exceeds the death toll (18,500) from the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. 슬롯사이트

According to CNN and others, the death toll from the earthquake rose to at least 21,051 that day. The earthquake was the worst to have occurred in Turkey since 1939.

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