Former Hanwha Eagles manager Carlos Subero left Korea and left a message of thanks to fans of 10 professional baseball teams, including Hanwha.

Former coach Subero left for the United States on the 13th.

Before entering the Incheon International Airport departure hall, he left a ‘video letter’ on social network service (SNS).

Former coach Subero said, “I have finished all preparations to return home.” “Thank you to the KBO league fans, including Hanwha. I felt a special atmosphere wherever I went. You are really special fans. Thank you for giving me a good atmosphere. did,” he said.

He left a slightly more special message for Hanwha fans.

Former coach Subero said, “I’m not saying this because I served as the manager of the team you cheered for. Hanwha fans are really the best.”

He said, “I can see that Hanwha is ready to go up. The day will come when they will laugh, and they will laugh for a long time.”

Hanwha’s 12th manager in 2021, former manager Subero, who was appointed as the first foreign command tower, failed to fill the three-year contract period and received a ‘dismissal notice’ on the 11th.

While led by former coach Subero, Hanwha’s record was 106 wins, 198 losses, 15 draws, and a win rate of 0.349. 0 win rate in this period.메이저사이트

However, former coach Subero worked hard to rebuild Hanwha with a long breath, and in fact, young players such as Noh Si-hwan grew greatly in the ‘subero coach system’.

The Hanwha club, which saw the rebuilding period as two years (2021/2021), said goodbye to former coach Subero and appointed Choi Won-ho, futures (2nd team) team coach, as the new command tower.

Coach Won-ho Choi has been in charge of the Hanwha 1st team since the 12th.

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