Shin Jae-hyeok (22, Ansan), who started a sibling fight from the opening game, issued a warning to his older brother Shin Jae-won (25, Seongnam).

The Ansan team, including Ansan coach Lim Jong-heon, attended the 5th media camp for the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training held at the Seogwipokal Hotel in Seogwipo City at 4 pm on the 6th. Shin Jae-hyeok, who has entered his third year as a pro, also met with reporters and conveyed his strong determination. It was a time to get a glimpse of the desire to shake off the name Shin Jae-hyeok rather than the modifier ‘Shin Tae-yong’s second son’.

The following is a Q&A with Shin Jae-hyeok.

▲ How are you preparing for the season?

Last year, he was injured in winter training and could not play from the beginning. My goal this year is to finish winter training without injury. I feel like I’m doing really well, so I’m satisfied now. Since I’m not injured, I’m sure my body is getting better and better. I feel that my performance is gradually increasing. As a result, more passion arises. It’s up about 80%.

▲ This is the last season to play as a U-22 resource. I think you have a great desire to show it.

I was very motivated last year, but it was very difficult because of the injury. This year, I want to show all the parts that I can show on the pitch by being especially careful about injuries.

Last year, I was a player who just wanted to make an impact while playing for a short time, but this year, as I am in my 3rd year as a pro, I want to become a player who fits the team strategy well. He wants to play for the team rather than try to bounce alone. He wants to put down the pressure and run steadily.

▲ Asnawi, whom I was close to, left the team.

Actually, we didn’t meet before leaving. After the Mitsubishi Cup, we had already left for winter training. I found out through an article that I was moving to Jeonnam. went so quietly I only heard that they were coming to Korea, but I was surprised to go to a different team right away. I think we should contact him and see him at the stadium. Haven’t made any contact yet.

I have no intention of losing to Asunawi (laughs). It was always like that when training, but Asnawi has a very strong desire to compete. Thanks to that, my desire to compete also rises. I wonder if it will be a more bloody match.

▲ Before the opening, I met Seongnam, where my older brother Shin Jae-won is.

His father and older brother were both at home when he took a short vacation. So he had a little talk and he said he and I would beat each other (laughs). If I win, as soon as the game is over, I will go to Seongnam and make fun of my brother.

My father just gives me realistic words like ‘do well’ and ‘run the game first’. There are a lot of good players on the team now and they are competing. I have no intention of losing in that competition, and I have no intention of losing to my older brother Shin Jae-won if I play against Seongnam.

▲ Does your father, Coach Shin Tae-yong, give any advice as a player?

He always tells me to try harder and emphasizes his confidence. Also, there are things he says only to me and not to his brother. He says ‘You must be poisoned’. He says he needs to become more toxic on the pitch. It’s not easy, but I’m always thinking about it myself and trying to change it.

Advice on movement on the field is often given by watching the game. I was lucky to watch the Jeonnam game last year, and after the game, he told me a lot over the phone. When he was in Indonesia, he simply gave basic talks over the phone. It is undeniable advice (laughs).

▲ Does Director Lim Jong-heon have any special orders?

My stamina and speed are not bad. As a result, the coach orders more plays that can make use of those strengths on the side. He tells you to make your opponent’s defense tough.

And always stick to the basics. Since I make a lot of small mistakes, they often say, ‘The defense works so hard, but you shouldn’t lose the ball because of small mistakes in the offense.’ I am trying to reduce mistakes. At first, I couldn’t play because I was too concerned about it, but as I worked hard, my weaknesses were being compensated for.

▲ What ability do you have the most confidence in?

There are so many good players… (Laughs) But in terms of jumping power or aerial competition, I’m confident that I can win unless the players are really 190cm tall. I don’t practice separately, but I feel like I’m getting more confident because I’m doing well. 먹튀검증

▲ What is your personal goal?

Last year, he only played in 9 games. I plan to play at least 20 games this year. I want to have about 10 attack points.

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