All leagues from the United States to Saudi Arabia are being discussed as Sergio Busquets’ next destination, but Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez is known to want to stay. This is because Busquets has found a way to make good use of it no matter how slow it is.

Coach Chavi, who has suffered from poor performance this season, found a solution by slightly changing his tactics after the ‘2022 Qatar World Cup’. Last month’s Supercopa de España in Saudi Arabia, the tactic of defeating rival Real Madrid 3-1 and winning the title was effective. Gaby, who was deployed as a left winger that day, exchanged one goal and one assist with each other and worked perfectly with striker Robert Lewandowski.

Even after that, director Chabi hesitated about arranging Gabi on the side, but the more experiments he repeated, the closer he got to the correct answer. In the La Liga game with professional wingers on both sides, they managed to win 1-0 with a similar number of shots to lower-ranked opponents in two consecutive games. However, when he came out with a combination of left Gabi and right Rafinha, he was able to win by overtaking Real Betis and Sevilla with 13 shots against 5 shots and 16 shots against 3 shots, respectively.

‘Fake winger’ is a term that coach Chavi used last year as a role that Gabi can play. Compared to the grandiose expression, it’s not great. It is not much different from other teams that have placed a versatile player with a midfield tendency on the left. However, from the perspective of coach Xavi, he has been reluctant to put a central midfielder on the side as he is the heir to the Barcelona philosophy that emphasizes left and right flank attacks. Teams in the lower ranks of La Liga sometimes give up their offensive power through this arrangement and focus only on dominating the midfield. However, Gabi’s placement on the left was also effective aggressively.

With Gabi joining as the de facto fourth central midfielder, the midfield balance has improved. Whether marked as 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, in the actual arrangement, Lewandowski and one right winger are left four central midfielders. Gabi moves between left and center, and Pedri moves between right and center.

The performance of the two star midfielders, who had no idea how to utilize them, improved significantly. Frankie Theyong can focus on injecting energy into his team by bringing his character closer to a box-to-box midfielder. Busquets, who is the center of the build-up but has a much narrower range of activities, can trust the energy of his juniors and play soccer more comfortably. 온라인바카라

The overlapping of the fullbacks solves the problem that the attack on the left is a little weak. In the match against Betis, Alejandro Balde assisted 1, and in the match against Sevilla, Jordi Alba recorded 1 goal and 1 assist, making good use of the side space created by Gaby’s left-handed placement.

Because Barcelona continued to win by one goal even when their performance was somewhat disappointing, they were able to win five games in a row, and widened the gap to eight points as their competitor Real Madrid stagnated. cruising towards victory.

However, shortly after the combination using the main players was completed, the fact that Busquets left due to an injury in the Sevilla match is a factor that puts a brake on the upward trend. The schedule is also tough. On the 13th (Korean time), we will have an away game against Villarreal, who are in 6th place in La Liga, and on the 17th and 24th, we will have to play off Manchester United and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League Tournament.

When Busquets left in the 8th minute of the first half against Sevilla, Xavi replaced him with Frank Kessie to maintain the lineup. However, if they are not satisfied with Kessie’s performance, there is a possibility that Gabi will eventually be returned to midfield and specialist wingers Ansu Fati and Ferran Torres will be put back in the starting lineup.

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