65-year-old Bernhard Langer (Germany) won 44 victories on the PGA Champions Tour, which only players in their 50s and older play. He is enjoying his second prime, comparable to his 20s and 40s, when he won 42 European Tour victories and two major championships, the Masters.

Langer, who came close to Hale Irwin (USA)’s Champions Tour record (45 wins) by just one win, will challenge a new record in this category this year. As for the secret to his 11 championship victories even after the age of 60, many experts diagnose that it is because he uses a swing that does not put too much strain on his body.

Langer also said in a recent interview with Golf.com in the US, “I worked on changing my swing in my mid-20s. It was because he had a great desire to play well even in his 60s and 70s,” he explained about the secret of his longevity. 스포츠토토

Early in his playing career, Langer developed a sharp and excessive bend in his lower back, which resulted in him sticking to a ‘reverse C-shaped finish’ stance in which his body curved like a bow. However, this is the most representative posture that causes back pain in golf. Langer suffered from a herniated disc at the age of 19 while serving in the Air Force. Because of this, he began to pursue an ‘I-shaped finish’ using body rotation instead of a reverse C-shaped finish that puts a lot of strain on the waist.

Experts analyze that Langer swings in a way that rotates the torso at once, compared to young pros who deliver power by separating the upper and lower body as much as possible. Thanks to this, it is possible to prevent injuries such as back and knees, and to swing with less strain on the body as much as possible.

Golf instructors explained, “It is a method of downswinging the torso and arms together instead of minimizing the transition motion that moves the lower body and hips first.”

He recommended, “The explosive power may be reduced, but it does not strain the body, so it is a swing method suitable for senior golfers or golfers with injuries.”

Langer said, “I was able to play as long as I do now thanks to the swing method that does not strain my spine. I just try every day to play the best golf I can,” he said. “There are a lot of young players on the tour, but I still think I can win,” he said confidently.

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