A soccer team was founded by people with developmental disabilities residing in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do.

Gyeonggi Ansan Sports Association for the Disabled (Chairman Lee Min-geun, Ansan Mayor) held an inauguration ceremony for the developmentally disabled soccer team ‘Together FC’ at the Wa~ Stadium on the 5th and announced that it would begin operation in earnest. About 70 people attended the inauguration ceremony, including Mayor Lee Min-geun and officials from the Ansan City Sports Association for the Disabled.온라인카지노

The ‘Together FC’ team is a project promoted by the Ansan Sports Association for the Disabled this year to expand the base of soccer for people with developmental disabilities and to nurture elite athletes with disabilities.

The team, which consists of 22 male and female players of various age groups from their teens to their 40s, was selected through an open recruitment earlier this year, and is guided by Jo Hyun-joo, director of the Ansan City Disabled Sports Association, who holds a physical education instructor license.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Ansan Sports Association for the Disabled and Ansan Greeners FC (owner Lee Min-geun, Ansan Mayor) signed a business agreement △Together FC training support △Ansan Greeners FC home game invitation and ticket support △Social contribution activities and publicity jointly promoting soccer for people with developmental disabilities. We agreed to work together to promote it.

The ‘Together FC’ team will train once or twice a week with Ansan Greeners FC players, and plan to participate in the 14th Gyeonggi-do Disabled Sports Festival in 2024 in the soccer category (intellectual disability division). In addition, players with developmental disabilities and non-disabled players (partners) will compete together with Ansan Greeners FC in the ‘2024 Special Olympics K-League Unified Soccer Tournament’, which will be held as a team to challenge for the championship.

Ansan Mayor Lee Min-geun said, “I am delighted to have established the first soccer team in Ansan City for people with developmental disabilities.”

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