Building a powerful one-two punch is one of the conditions that Lotte must keep constant. What will be the consequences of Lotte’s choice?

Lotte has already completed the one-two punch. Dan Strayley (35), who returned to Lotte last year, as well as Charlie Barnes (28) have already renewed their contracts.

Barnes appeared in 31 games last season, digested 186⅓ innings, and finished adapting to the KBO league with an average ERA of 3.62 with 12 wins and 12 losses. Pitching as a left-handed three-quarter pitcher, he was especially strong against left-handed hitters with a batting average of .226, an on-base percentage of .295, and a batting average of .276. Of course, he didn’t even hit a home run against a left-handed hitter. He doesn’t have a fastball that reaches 150km, but he has certain weapons that confuse hitters, such as a slider and changeup.

One regrettable thing was that he went through the ‘Yongdusami’ season. Last year, Barnes was the dominant pitcher in April. He appeared in 6 games and threw 41⅓ innings, showing extreme pitching with an ERA of 0.65 with 5 wins and no losses. He only allowed one home run and allowed only eight walks while striking out 45. It was impregnable itself.

However, April was the first and last time Barnes pitched an extremely strong pitch. In May, he had an average ERA of 4.29 with 1 win and 2 losses, and in June, he showed ordinary pitching with an ERA of 4.34, 1 win and 3 losses. It showed up, but after September, which was the end of the season, it collapsed rapidly with an average ERA of 7.23 with 1 win and 2 losses.

Average ERA of 0.65 in April and 7.23 ERA since September. It’s extreme and extreme. Still, why did Lotte decide to continue to accompany Barnes? 카지노

Last year, Barnes digested the schedule from the start of the season to the mound after a four-day break. Normally, starting pitchers in the KBO league start after a 5-day break, but Barnes went on a forced march alone. It is highly likely that this has had an impact on Barnes’ stamina being exhausted quickly. In the end, Lotte also had to revise the ‘Barnes technique’ shortly after.

If Barnes does not pitch after a 4-day break this year, a foothold will be laid for him to continue his strong pitching streak. In addition, the addition of catcher Yoo Kang-nam and shortstop Roh Jin-hyuk, who were recruited as free agents, are also expected to give Barnes wings. Yoo Kang-nam was famous for his fantastic collaboration with foreign pitchers during his LG days, and Roh Jin-hyeok is a player who can give Barnes strength in both offense and defense. Coach Larry Sutton pointed out that when Barnes was faltering last year, “There were times when Barnes could not get help from the defense. The number of pitches increased and the number of defensive innings increased.” .

Lotte’s judgment is that Barnes’ season for the dragon ball is not the only problem for Barnes. Unlike last year, this year, an environment was created in which Barnes could pitch without ups and downs. Barnes stably building a one-two punch with Strayley will be the first step for Lotte Hill to revive.

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