The value of the names of players connected to Arsenal has risen noticeably.

Arsenal are having a good season. Thanks to the upward trend that started at the beginning of the season, Arsenal, who had been in first place in the English Premier League (EPL) early on, is maintaining the first place even now, when the season has turned around. Despite playing one game less than second-placed Manchester City, they are five points ahead of second-placed Manchester City. It’s hard to say that it’s very relaxed, but it’s enough to say that it still has the upper hand.

He is trying to harden through the winter transfer market. Arsenal have succeeded in strengthening their attack and defense with the signings of Leandro Trosar and Jakub Kivior. It is evaluated that it is not unreasonable to stand at the top of the league after 19 years if the current performance is maintained.

After the season is also important. Even if you miss the championship, it is also important to spend the summer transfer market after the season in order to continue the atmosphere of this season into the next season. Arsenal are already connecting with several players and raising fans’ expectations for the summer transfer market. When you hear the names of players who are connected to Arsenal, you can understand the feelings of Arsenal fans.

Two of the most famous players are Declan Rice and Federico Chiesa. England’s ‘The Athletic’ reported that Arsenal are seeking to sign Rice in the summer transfer window. Rice is also hoping to participate in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), and is known to like the plan of coach Mikel Arteta. 스포츠토토

The case of Chiesa is a little different. Recently, Juventus, his team, was deducted 15 points due to a disciplinary action, and his participation in the UCL next season became unclear. With several players expected to leave the team, Chiesa is also being linked with a number of EPL teams, including Arsenal. England’s Football London, citing a report from Italy’s Calcio Mercato, said that Arsenal had placed Chiesa at the top of their recruiting list, and that manager Arteta was eager for Chiesa.

It is noticeable that the players have changed from the name value. Arsenal has been through a dark period for a while and has built a team centered on players from youth and existing players. Although they recruited Thomas Party and Martin Odegard, it was an unfortunate recruitment compared to other teams to be called a ‘big signing’. It’s different now. Arsenal are using this season as a springboard to paint a picture for the future.

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