Reporter Han Jae-hyun = Dutch defender Timo, who will give a strong option to the defense of Gwangju FC, is quick to adapt.

Gwangju has filled all 5 foreign players this season, and has a stronger power than before. Timo is one of them.

Timo is an experienced defender in Europe. In particular, during the 2014/2015 season, he worked closely with Eric Ten Haag, manager of Manchester United (hereafter Man United), as a teacher. He is 188cm/84kg tall and has strong physical strength, and is a central defender whose strengths are aerial ball control, 1:1 interpersonal defense, and stable ball handling. He is also evaluated for his excellent build-up ability, such as supplying quality passes with his accurate kicks. It fits the style director Lee Jeong-hyo is pursuing.

What is more expected is the pace of adaptation to Korea. In an interview held on the morning of the 8th at the Barev Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, which is currently a training camp, he said, “The food goes well. He also likes kimchi and likes food with kimchi (kimchi stew, budae stew). Also, he said, “Korean-style beef barbecue is the same,” and said, “I want to show the best appearance as possible because Korean people are kind.” 바카라

Recently, many players from the Netherlands are entering the K-League. Suwon Samsung defender Bultuis and Suwon FC Lars have been active for a long time and consistently, proving that they are reliable Dutch players. Timo also foreshadowed his pride and fight as he continued the flow.

Timo said, “It would be fun to play against two Suwon teams with Dutch players. The same goes for the confrontation with Jeonbuk Hyundai.”

Timo, who started his first challenge in the K-League, has a simple goal. Timo said, “I think I can give the team good energy with my experience playing in Europe. He said, “The goal is to reduce the number of runs,” he said. My goal is to help the team and achieve good results.”

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