“All foul trouble was a strategy.”

The Korean University men’s selection team defeated the Japanese University men’s selection team 78-72 in the final match of the 46th Lee Sang-baek Korea-Japan University Selection Basketball Tournament held at Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 21st.

Moon Jung-hyun, who recorded a double-double with 15 points and 12 rebounds that day, played an active role in offense and defense, giving the Korean team a victory. 

Moon Jung-hyun said, “It’s so good. I had the thought that I had to catch the 3rd game unconditionally in a situation where the series was tied with 1 win and 1 loss, but it feels good to catch it in front of a large crowd. Also, I think it went well because we talked about the pros and cons during the meeting,” he said of his victory. 

He continued, “From the beginning, the focus was on defense. By the 4th quarter, Japan would be more tired. They said they would be more active in case of a team foul, but that fit perfectly. Also, Korea’s heart! (Laughs)”, explaining the secret to victory. revealed

Korea was behind Japan’s pace until the 2nd quarter, but in the 3rd quarter, they pursued fiercely and succeeded in reversing. What was the discussion about at halftime?

Moon Jung-hyun said, “I was busy talking about not being able to play. I was distracted.” 

Even after the turnaround was successful in the third quarter, the seesaw game continued, and both teams showed strong physical struggles. 

Moon Jung-hyun said, “Japanese players are good at fighting and have good personal skills. But we have better concentration. So we focused on that point and attacked it.” 

In the last quarter, Moon Jeong-hyeon got into foul trouble, but rather drew the opponent’s foul and got a free throw. However, the free throw missed the rim and left a regretful appearance. 

Regarding the foul trouble, Mun Jeong-hyeon said, “It was a strategy. Rather than being anxious, I thought I would write all 4 fouls and come out in the 4th quarter.”  

Regarding free throws, he said, “It would have been easy if I had just put in one or two more (free throws). Of course, it’s an excuse, but my fingers were sprained and swollen from the first game. So I think it would have been easier if it weren’t for the fingers.” revealed

On the other hand, the tournament is over, but the league is still in progress, so he has to go back to college and play the league. In particular, Korea University, where Jung-Hyun Moon belongs, is facing an irregular match against Yonsei University on Thursday, the 25th.메이저사이트

Moon Jung-hyun said, “I’m glad I won today because I just focused on this. As soon as I won, I immediately thought that there is an important match next Thursday. (Yu) Ki-sang and (Lee) Gyu-tae were on a team, but now they are on a different team. I will think of it (laughs)”, revealing his determination. 

Lastly, Moon Jung-hyun said, “First of all, thank you for loving college basketball so much. Today, I tried to get a lot of responses from the crowd, but I don’t know if it was good. I’ll show you more fun in the future.” 

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