The Japanese fighters provoked Korean fighters one by one.

A match between Korea and Japan that should not be lost. There are more reasons to win.

At the Goobne ROAD FC 063 weigh-in, the atmosphere flowed right before the fight as the Japanese fighters provoked. A fight almost broke out from the heavyweight match of the first match of the second part, which was the first weigh-in. When Bae Dong-hyun and Seki no Taisei stood facing each other after the weigh-in, Bae Dong-hyun approached and put his head against him. A brawl ensued, and a rough atmosphere was created for a while. 스포츠토토

Ji-yong Yang and Koki Hirasawa, the fourth match of the second part, went to the brink of a fight, and the officials were sweating to stop them. While facing each other, Hirasawa put a mask with someone’s face on her face and acted like she was teasing Yang Ji-yong, and Yang Ji-yong got angry and tried to fight for real. Yang Ji-yong said, “I’ll just hit you now” and looked for an open finger glove.

Bae Dong-hyun said he didn’t like Sekino’s remarks on social media, such as wanting to fight Kim Tae-in without caring about him. Bae Dong-hyun took issue with Sekino’s social media, saying, “If you’re a martial artist, you should pay attention to your opponent, but you didn’t. Tomorrow you’ll get hit by me, but you say you want to fight with another fighter.” Sekino shouted at Bae Dong-hyeon, “I’m going to catch a wild boar.” Kim Tae-in grabbed the microphone and said to Sekino, “Who are you dude? Just make up your mind,” and then said, “Tomorrow, Bae Dong-hyun will hit you. Don’t come to Korea and be fooled. Don’t be fooled by it. I don’t even know who you are.”

The mask Hirasawa brought was Kai Asakura, a Japanese fighter. The reason Yang Ji-yong was angry was because Hirasawa, who lacked skills, tried to compete with him, but wore Asakura’s mask. Yang Ji-yong said, “What’s your name?” and said he would show the difference in skill in the arena.

A war between Korea and Japan that cannot be retreated. As provocation followed provocation, the atmosphere heated up. In this tournament, not only the kickboxing match between Hwang In-soo and Myeong-hyeon, which is the main event, but also the interest of the fans has grown even more with the Korea-Japan match.

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