98% of votes. The best hitter in the league picked on the field was ‘unconditionally’ Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom).

In a vote conducted by Sports Chosun for a total of 50 people, including the general manager, manager, operation team leader, and representative player of 10 clubs ahead of the opening of the 2023 KBO League, Lee Jung-hoo received no votes. When asked, “Who is the hitter who is expected to perform the best this season?”, 44 out of 50 people chose Kiwoom Heroes Lee Jung-hoo. However, variables need to be taken into account. This survey had a clue, ‘Excluding affiliated teams’. In other words, Kiwoom members could not choose Lee Jung-hoo, so they selected different club players. In the end, 44 out of 45 officials from other clubs, except for one, picked Lee Jung-hoo as the best hitter. That’s a whopping 98% of the votes.

After graduating from Whimoon High School, Lee Jung-hoo, who entered the professional league as a first-choice rookie of Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom Heroes) in 2017, won the KBO league MVP with 5 batting titles with 23 home runs and 113 RBIs with a batting average of 3049 (553 at bats, 193 hits) last year. He won the award and became one of the best hitters in the league. Along with his father Lee Jong-beom, he is the first father-son MVP ever. Although his name was engraved in history alongside his father, Lee Jung-hoo finally got out of his father’s shadow.

Since he was young, the tag ‘Lee Jong-beom’s name’ has followed him, and even after joining the pros, he has always been evaluated as ‘someone’s son’, just as fans nicknamed him ‘Grandson of the Wind’ (Lee Jong-beom’s nickname, Son of the Wind). However, now he is being evaluated as a hitter representing the league just for the career he created. 메이저사이트

Most of the responses of the respondents who predicted Lee Jung-hoo’s performance this season were the same. It was to the extent that they said, “Does it really need an explanation?” Colleagues and seniors in the baseball world acknowledge that Lee Jung-hoo’s skills are in full bloom.

Team A’s head coach said, “There is nothing to criticize in terms of hitting, defense, running, shoulders, etc. He is the best player in the league who can change the atmosphere of the game in an instant.” It’s hard to find weaknesses when you meet .” Because of his contact ability as well as his long hitting power, Lee Jung-hoo is a hitter who does not easily step back from the plate.

Lee Jung-hoo consulted with his club, Kiwoom, and decided to take on an overseas challenge after finishing his season. Currently, his eyes are on the major leagues. Major League clubs have already been steadily observing Lee Jung-hoo, and in this year’s spring camp, right after he made it official for overseas expansion, scouts from several big market clubs were caught looking at Lee Jung-hoo ‘openly’.

At the recent WBC, he showed off his peak skills among the Korean national team hitters. It is expected that his performance at the WBC will also help Lee Jung-hoo advance overseas.

Team C’s general manager praised Lee Jung-hoo as “a player who has gone beyond the league and is rising to the ranks of the best hitters of all time.” said.

KT giant Park Byeong-ho, who won the home run king last year, came in second with two votes, following Lee Jung-hoo. Officials who chose Park Byeong-ho praised him, saying, “Last year, he won first place in home run, so he gained confidence. He will perform as well as he did in his prime this year.”

Team E’s hitter picked NC Park Gun-woo and evaluated, “Although he usually has a cycle, he did very well in the WBC and can start the season fresh. I think the good vibes will continue. He is a hitter with an original career.” In addition, Doosan Yang Eui-ji, who said, “I was originally a good hitter, but synergy will come from going to my parent team,” and KT Kang Baek-ho, who was evaluated as “a good player, although he was sluggish last year.” He was selected as a hitter who could match Lee Jung-hoo.

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