“Swing speed dropped.” “Something seems off.”

Last week, the KIA Tigers suffered a 5-game losing streak, including being swept away by the Doosan Bears 3 times in a row. There may have been many factors in the loss, but the biggest problem was the cold batting line. In particular, it was a fatal blow that foreign hitter Socrates could not show the good form he had last season after the opening. Even so, with Na Seong-beom injured and Socrates sluggish, the KIA lineup could not receive strength. Veteran Choi Hyeong-woo’s struggle alone had its limitations.

Much has been said about Socrates’ sluggishness. In the KBO debut season last year, he experienced the worst slump in April, and then made a dramatic rebound in May, becoming the best foreign hitter. So, I waited until May this year, but most of them were skeptical because there was no sign of recovery until mid-May.

KBS N Sports commentators Park Yong-taek and Na Ji-wan diagnosed Socrates sluggishness in an analysis program. Committee member Na, who knows KIA and Socrates better than anyone else, analyzed, “Socrates’ swing speed seems to be clearly off.” Commissioner Park presented a different point of view. In the eyes of Commissioner Park, a batting master, technical problems are not very noticeable, but he said that he does not seem to be motivated compared to last year. He said that he would not be excited because major players such as Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young were missing. So, Commissioner Park emphasized that after Na Seong-beom returned, Socrates’ play should be evaluated and evaluated at that time to be real. It was that Socrates’ mindset could change when the center line was complete.

Did Socrates see this broadcast? And would it have been unfair? suddenly started to explode. Socrates showed ‘I am alive’ with his body in 5 matches, excluding the 1 match against the Samsung Lions, which was canceled due to rain last week. On the 16th, Socrates announced his revival by hitting the wedge three-runner in the match against Samsung. No. 3 gun exploded 16 days after the LG Twins match on the 30th of last month.메이저사이트

And the momentum continued. On the 17th, he recorded multiple hits including a home run for two consecutive days against Samsung, and then scored two hits in three consecutive games against Kiwoom on the weekend. 4 consecutive multi-hits. In the second game on the 20th, he once again hit the ball over the fence. 5 games, 21 at-bats, 9 hits, 3 home runs. In Kiwoom’s 3-game series, he even showed a sense of adding 2 steals.

When Socrates lived, KIA lived too. 4 wins in a row after 5 losses in a row. It was regrettable that we lost the last match against Kiwoom on the 21st, 0-1, but with the center hitter reviving, we showed how the team can change.

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