Tottenham Hotspur seem to be preparing for the case that Dejan Klusewski’s complete transfer fails.

The British popular newspaper ‘Express’ reported on the 20th (Korean time) that ‘Tottenham is pursuing the signing of Newcastle United’s winger Alan Saint-Maximin’.

Klusewski, who was recruited from Juventus on loan in January last year, will expire in June this year with Tottenham. Juventus made a plan to pay a transfer fee of more than 40 million euros (55.4 billion won) if Tottenham wants a full signing. 스포츠토토

Tottenham, who was worried, constantly observed Saint-Maximin and evaluated it as good for the price. However, it is a stumbling block that Newcastle set the buyout amount at 60 million pounds (93.6 billion won).

The media said, ‘Saint-Maximin is the resource every Premier League team wants. Tottenham are pursuing a contract with him. It is more likely to be a contract as coach Antonio Conte and key players such as Harry Kane will leave the team in the summer.”

Son Heung-min is alive and well, and there is Hischarlisson, but Lucas Moura seems certain to transfer. The variable is that Tottenham is competing with Newcastle for the right to qualify for the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL), but the possibility of a transfer is high if the situation is good.

It is evaluated as a reliable alternative resource even if Klusewski leaves. Saint-Maximin also said that unlike Newcastle, where capital from Saudi Arabia flowed in, he prefers Tottenham, which is related to London, and has a desire to live in a big city. He also thinks he has achieved step-by-step development because he went through Etienne, Hanover, Bastia, AS Monaco, Nice, and Newcastle.

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