“We actively welcome the construction of the Jamsil Dome Stadium in Seoul, but we must find a way for Korea Ama Baseball to develop together.”

On the 20th, the Seoul Baseball Softball Association, the representative sports organization for Seoul Baseball Softball, expressed its support for the ‘Jamsil Dome Baseball Stadium Construction Announcement’ recently announced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, while also expressing its position that it should be considered along with student baseball development plans. The following is the full statement of the Seoul Baseball Softball Association.

We actively welcome the construction of Jamsil Dome Stadium in Seoul. The Seoul Baseball Softball Association expresses its active support for the recently announced construction of Seoul City’s Jamsil Dome Baseball Stadium. In order for Korean baseball to take a leap forward, additional construction of a state-of-the-art baseball stadium, such as a dome stadium, is absolutely necessary. We salute the courage of Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who decided to proceed with a major construction project that will cost hundreds of billions of won, and hope that the construction of the dome baseball stadium will proceed as planned and quench the thirst for baseball for millions of Seoul citizens.

소닉카지노However, I would like to ask you one thing: After the demolition of Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium in 2008, Korea Ama Baseball suffered a major blow as it had to travel to baseball stadiums across the country for 7 years without a dedicated stadium.

The painful history of Mokdong Baseball Stadium, which is the exclusive stadium for student baseball in Seoul and is also the exclusive stadium for Ama Baseball across the country, is once again used as a temporary home for professional baseball, and the painful history of 100,000 Ama Baseball players and their families moving around the country, must not be repeated.

In any case, I hope that the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korean baseball community can pool their wisdom and find ways to develop Korea Amateur Baseball together with the construction of the Jamsil Dome Stadium.

On the 18th, the Seoul Metropolitan Government unveiled its plan to create a world-class ‘Sports and MICE Complex’, including the reconstruction of Jamsil Stadium, currently used as the home stadium by LG and Doosan. Jamsil Stadium will be dismantled after the end of the KBO League season in 2025, and a 30,000-seat dome stadium will be built with the goal of opening in 2032. 

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who is currently on a business trip to North America, visited the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the home stadium of the Toronto Blue Jays, where Ryu Hyun-jin plays, on the 17th (Korean time), threw out the first pitch, and announced his intention to build a state-of-the-art sports, exhibition and convention facility, including a dome stadium. expressed his/her intention.

This plan to create a ‘Sports and MICE Complex’ is not a simple plan to build a dome stadium, but a mega-project to massively redevelop the Jamsil area where Jamsil Stadium is located. As other facilities such as hotels and convention centers were being built along with the dome stadium, the construction period took six years, longer than the construction of a typical baseball stadium. 

The problem is that LG and Doosan, which were using Jamsil Stadium as their home stadium during this period, must find temporary housing. They only announced plans for a dome stadium without preparing an alternative with KBO, LG, and Doosan. LG and Doosan currently have no suitable location.

Gocheok Sky Dome, currently used by Kiwoom Heroes, and Mokdong Stadium, where amateur competitions are being held, could be potential sites, but then amateur baseball using Mokdong Stadium would have nowhere to go again.

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