Daegu FC, which started an away game against Gwangju FC, will play round 13 of the K League 1 at 4:30 pm on the 13th at Gwangju Soccer Stadium with a different starting lineup, with many key players missing.

In the last round against Pohang, Keita, who scored the equalizer, complained of pain during finishing training the day before the game and was excluded from the lineup. Daegu faces Gwangju in an unfavorable situation where most of the team’s main line is missing, including Hong Jeong-woon, who is shocked.

Ahead of the game, coach Choi Won-kwon said that although it is unavoidable that he is less destructive than his existing players, he prepared thoroughly and expressed his determination to strive for results.

In particular, regarding the part where the ‘Lee Geun-ho – Kim Yeong-joon – Ko Jae-hyeon’ card was written in the starting offensive line, Daegu FC is an uncommon combination of a domestic player-oriented offensive line, but it is possible if it continues to counterattack while responding to the opponent’s rapid positional change. It is.메이저사이트

Daegu, ahead of the Gwangju and Daejeon expeditions, missed a lot of players due to injuries and poor condition this round, but the return of key players, including Sejingya, is expected for the Daejeon expedition.

The first game of this season against Gwangju suffered a 3-4 home loss, but the two teams are showing a recent record of losing both teams, so the results of the Gwangju home game are drawing attention.  

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