“Phoenix basketball begins and ends with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker.”

The fans and the opposing team know it. The very existence of the two is an offensive tactic.

The Denver Nuggets will play Game 3 of the second round of the NBA Western Conference playoffs against the Phoenix Suns at 11:00 am (Korean time) on the 6th. Denver won both games 1 and 2. If you catch the 3rd game, advancing to the Western Finals is one step away.

Phoenix lost major power. Starting point guard Chris Paul will miss Game 3 with a left groin injury. He is also uncertain about his participation in the 4th game.

Denver coach Mike Malone predicted a plan B for Phoenix without Paul. “Paul makes everyone he plays with better. He’s the best playmaker and leader I’ve ever seen,” he said. “You’ll see more Cameron Payne without him. Phoenix will also use Terrence Ross and TJ Warren on the bench. Above all, like the 4th quarter of the last game 2, Durant and Booker will have most of the ball.”

He said that Denver basketball would not change. Because with or without Paul, you have to stop Durant and Booker to beat Phoenix anyway.

Manager Malone said, “Our plan doesn’t change whether Paul comes out or not. Anyway, their offense starts and ends with Durant and Booker.”크크크벳

That’s not wrong. Phoenix leans most of its attacks on Durant and Booker. Among the teams in the playoffs, the dependence on a specific player is the highest.

Both players are performing up to expectations. In this playoff, Durant averaged 27.9 points, 8.6 rebounds and 5 assists, while Booker averaged 35.4 points, 6.6 assists and a 3-point success rate of 46.2%. However, Durant’s 42.9 minutes and Booker’s 43 minutes per game are too many.

“We’re definitely going to miss Paul,” Durant said, but insisted he wasn’t overburdened. “That’s what Booker and I have to do. That’s why we get paid so much. We have to do whatever the team needs. The more minutes we play, the more shots we can shoot. Booker and I have to do it in our respective places.” I made up my mind.

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