An absurd and absurd thing happened in the semi-finals of the Spring College Football League today.

The ball moved only on one side for over 20 minutes.

This is reporter Lee Jun-hee’s report.


Around the 10th minute in the first half when Yonsei University led 1-0, the game suddenly loosened up.

Yonsei University constantly turns the ball around as if it were playing a passing game in its own camp.

One player even lifts the ball at all to relax. 메이저사이트

However, the losing team also had no will to take the ball and did not cross the center line at all.

This abnormal situation continued for over 20 minutes.

[“It’s also sportsmanship that brings joy to many fans.”]

In the end, it only went smoothly after the supervisor gave a warning to the coaches of both teams.

The coaches insisted that they just did it according to tactics. [

Choi Tae-ho/Yonsei University coach: “(Gyeonggi University) doesn’t come out and if we win 1-0, we go up. Isn’t it important to win sports? No matter how embarrassing the game is.”]

We scored the goal first, but it didn’t come out. They said we were going down. We’ve been preparing for months to do this against a team stronger than us. It became an absurd situation.”]

College football is becoming its own league, as the College Football Federation has said it has no disciplinary rules.

This is Lee Jun-hee from KBS News.

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