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The top play begins with the story of Lee Jung-hoo, who appointed Boras, the best agent in the major leagues, and met Puig at the basketball court.

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Lee Jung-hoo signed a contract with Super Agent Boras in preparation for entering the major leagues.

I also see my father, coach Lee Jong-beom.

And in the evening local time in LA, he showed up at the basketball court again.

I met Puig, who I played with last season, and he seems to really like basketball from the KBL to the NBA.

“Ugly. Handsome.”

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this game, LA Lakers LeBron James flew.

He became the first player to score 40 or more points against all 30 NBA teams as he scored 46 points, a team-high 46 points.



Shortly before the end of the game, with Munich trailing 0-1, Kimmich’s long-range shot!

and! Trajectories are art.

I don’t think the goalkeeper would be able to stop it even if he knew. 스포츠토토

He has been a top play so far.

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