Reporter Yoon-Jun Ko = Colorado Rockies’ No. 1 prospect Ezekiel Toba, who made his major league debut last year, opened up about the upcoming season.

The Venezuelan native, 21-year-old Toba, first wore a Colorado uniform in 2017 on an international amateur contract. From the time he joined, he was noted for his tremendous defensive power, and his batting average was above average.

As a result, he was consistently ranked among the top prospects in Colorado, and this season also raised expectations by ranking first in Colorado and 25th overall. In particular, while Brendan Rodgers was injured at the end of last year, he stepped on the big league stage for the first time and reported his first hit and first home run. 먹튀검증

In an interview with the ‘Denver Post’ on the 13th (Korean time), Toba said, “I feel all eyes. But he doesn’t want to call it pressure. I just want to see it as an opportunity.”

He continued, “Spring camp is always competitive. always have to try I don’t think anything special, I just want to play like I did in the minor leagues. I want to compete boldly and have fun,” he said of the upcoming spring.

The local media’s prospects for Toba are also mixed. ‘’ said, “Toba will be the starting shortstop for the upcoming Opening Day. He is the next runner in the Rockies shortstop line,” while’MLB Trade Rumors’ said, “Rogers still remains in the shortstop position. It might be better to start in the minor leagues at the beginning of the season.”

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