Reporter Han Gwi-seop = The public shooting range in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, which has been engulfed in various controversies such as not meeting the standards for international competitions and downsizing, is going into pilot operation.

According to Chuncheon City on the 11th, the city will pilot a public shooting range in Chuncheon for the general public from the 21st to March 31st.

The Chuncheon Public Shooting Range was built with a total of 15.6 billion won, including 5.4 billion won from the government, with one basement floor and one floor above the ground. The total area is 3832.12㎡. 60 units of air guns in the 10m final, 10 units in the 10m final, and 10 units in the 25m and 50m pistols.

In 2017, the city tried to build indoor and outdoor shooting ranges that meet the standards for hosting international competitions, including clay shooting ranges, but construction was impossible due to middle and high schools with a radius of 200m, and budget problems arose due to the increase in construction costs.

Accordingly, the city decided to create an indoor shooting range instead of an outdoor shooting range. However, controversy arose at the time of the design competition for the Chuncheon shooting range. Local architects insisted on the opacity of the screening process, and controversy continued for a while.

After twists and turns, the Chuncheon Shooting Range underwent a completion inspection in May of last year, but it had to be re-repaired due to problems with permitting internal facilities and water dripping from the arsenal and ceiling. Currently, the city has completed the certification process of the Firearms and Explosives Safety Technology Association, and is awaiting the results of the final inspection by the National Police Agency. Once the inspection by the National Police Agency is completed, it is possible to bring in a firearm and shoot.

Afterwards, the city plans to start operating the event after receiving certification from the Korea Shooting Federation. The city plans to use it as a training ground for the standing army, a training ground for the standing army, and a training ground for winter and summer shooting youth. 온라인카지노

An official from Chuncheon City said, “Water dripping inside is due to condensation, so this does not mean that the completion of the building was delayed.”

Meanwhile, the trial operation hours are from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. This period is free of charge. However, if it is officially operated, it will be converted to a paid service (5,000 won). Depending on the limit of one instructor, 2-3 people can experience shooting once (30 minutes).

The class is in the order of facility tour → verbal explanation of shooting events → explanation of air rifles and pistols → prior training on how to use air rifles and pistols → air rifle and pistol shooting experience.

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