“Whether it’s the Korean Tour or the Asian Tour, lifting the championship trophy again is the biggest goal.”

Cho Min-gyu (35), who is preparing for the 2023 season while training in Thailand, first picked ‘winning’ as the goal he wants to achieve this year.

Cho Min-gyu, who is training at the Royal Gems Golf & Sports Club near Bangkok, Thailand on the 4th, met with E-Daily and said, “The Fuji Sankei Classic in Japan in 2016 was my last championship, and now I want to feel the moment of winning again.” I started the second act of my life by packing up, and I hope winning will be a bigger gift.”

Looking back on 2022, the word regret comes to mind first. However, for Jo Min-kyu, it was a time to grow and become stronger.

Cho Min-gyu, who returned to the Korea Professional Golf Tour (KPGA) Korean Tour after playing on the Japan Professional Golf Tour (JGTO), won three runner-ups at the GS Caltex Maekyung Open last year, the Kolon Korea Open, and the Shinhan Donghae Open. Although he did not achieve his dream of winning the first Korean Tour, which he had hoped so much for, he finished 4th in the prize money rankings and 6th in the Genesis Grand Prix points, his best performance since his professional debut.

Cho Min-gyu said, “Looking back on last year, I felt regretful, but looking at the overall results, I achieved very satisfactory results.”

Cho Min-kyu, who has been training in Thailand since January 9, started the new year with good news. After getting married at the end of the year, Cho Min-kyu, who went on a honeymoon in Thailand and started training after being unable to go on a honeymoon separately after getting married at the end of the year, climbed to 7th place at the Asian Tour Qualifying School, which ended on January 22, and obtained a tour card for this season.

Professional golf is a sport without borders. If you have good skills, you can get tickets to various tours and broaden your field of activity.

The Asian Tour grew in size with the launch of the International Series, which was created with the support of Saudi Arabia last year after going through a period of stagnation pushed by the US and Europe. The plan is to hold 10 International Series tournaments with a total prize pool of $2 million this year alone. In addition, you can also be invited to the LIV Golf Invitational Series, where only 40 players participate, depending on your season performance.

Cho Min-gyu said, “First of all, I plan to focus on the Korean tour and participate in Asian tour events whenever the opportunity arises.” 메이저놀이터

Cho Min-kyu, who has entered the final stage of training in Thailand, is focusing on improving his ball touch and improving his short game as he prepares for this season.

Cho Min-kyu said, “I pay attention to the ball touch to make the shot I want more elaborately, and the short game is a training to further enhance my strengths.” I am doing it, but it is a necessary part to create a birdie opportunity and increase the probability of par save when I do not make a 2-on in a par 5 hole or when I make a mistake in a par 4 hole and fail to make a 2-on.”

Cho Min-gyu, who started the second act of his golf career with 16 years of his professional debut, is not neglecting his preparations for the next 10 years.

Players in their 30s are outstanding on the Korean Tour and the PGA Tour. In Korea, 11 of the 17 winners last year were in their 30s.

He said, “I feel the importance of physical fitness more desperately as I reach the age of 30, so I have been investing a lot of time in physical training since last year.” revealed

In addition, Jo Min-kyu signed a sponsorship contract with Woori Bank to start the season with a new feeling. He said, “I want to repay the sponsors who believe in me and support me with good grades.”

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