The captain’s armband wrapped around the forearm and the green epaulet of the combat uniform are signs symbolizing the sense of responsibility of Gimcheon Managing Director Lee Young-jae (29). Although there are less than five months left before he can complete his military service and return to society, he is determined to serve his comrades.

Lee Young-jae is the captain of Gimcheon in the 2023 season, who became the best along with Kwon Chang-hoon, Kim Ji-hyun, and Kang Yun-seong. At the same time, he is evaluated as an excellent leader who also serves as a squad leader. An official from the Armed Forces Sports Unit even praised Lee Young-jae, saying, “Lee Young-jae is truly exemplary both as an athlete and as a soldier.” 메이저사이트

In an interview with Sports Donga, Lee Young-jae said, “I have served as vice-captain before, but this is the first time I have been captain since his professional debut.” He continued, “There is not much time left until I am discharged, but as a captain, I want to succeed rather than fail. He may have shortcomings, but I want to be a good captain that the players follow well,” he raised his voice.

Lee Young-jae, who is about to be discharged on June 26, does not have much time left to play an active role as a player in Gimcheon. Even so, he is determined to devote himself to the end. At the beginning of the first winter training last month, he conveyed his intention to coach Seong Han-soo and Kim Cheon, saying, “I want to go undefeated with Kim Cheon until the end of the campaign.”

During the season, he returns to his original team, K-League 1 (Part 1) Suwon FC, but is about to contribute to Gimcheon’s promotion. He said, “In the K-League 2 (Part 2), Gimcheon’s power is superior to other teams, but I will not be conceited. Rather, I want to play an overwhelming game with confidence,” he emphasized.

Although his military service is coming to an end, Lee Young-jae’s life as a soccer player continues. He also expressed his desire to return to the national soccer team based on the experience he gained in Gimcheon. He said, “I want to be remembered as a player who has grown a hand in Sangmu,” and “I want to be evaluated as having improved my defense especially. When he went to the national team, I think he lacked a lot defensively.”

Lee Young-jae also said, “Suwon FC, which I will return to after being discharged, has recruited many good players such as Yoon Bit-garam. Still, personally, when he returned, he firmly committed himself, saying, “I want to do a good job so that the words ‘now the vacancy has been filled’ come out.”

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