The story of a boy is a hot topic. The journey of 7000 km was not in vain.

On the 26th (Korean time), SB Nation delivered the story of a boy who challenged a 7,000km journey for Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler.

The 2022-2023 NBA regular season match between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics held at Miami Dade Arena on the 25th. A boy was caught on the screen before the match. This exotic-looking boy said, “Jimmy, I flew 4405 miles (about 7000 km) to see you. Can I ask for a picture or a cup of Big Face coffee?”

Unfortunately, just before the game, Butler complained of a back injury and announced his absence. Upon hearing the news of Butler’s absence, the boy dropped his placard in surprise and covered his head.

The game went back to Miami’s victory, but the boy’s reaction started to evoke regret. In the end, the boy had to return to Argentina after the tragedy.

Fortunately, the Miami team did not turn away from this boy’s story. Butler, who was sidelined due to injury, witnessed it firsthand through the relay screen. Butler and the Miami team took the boy down to his courtside seat and took pictures with Miami players, including Gabe Vincent, and provided Butler with an autographed jersey. 안전놀이터

And a day later, Butler led a sick body to find this boy himself. Although the details of the inside story have not been released, former NBA player Jamal Crawford’s SNS said, “Butler is a direct person. This is the real value,” he said, revealing a scene where the boy and Butler went on a Miami stadium tour and posed together. It is expected that Butler led the sick body and met the boy directly. The dream of an Argentine boy who thought it was a tragedy ended in a comedy. Long flight, well worth the investment.

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