※ This interview was conducted in late March and was published in the April 2023 issue of the Basket

Korea webzine . I wore the uniform of Some. He said, “I had a meaningful first year,” and ended his sweet vacation briefly, and he reaffirmed his determination to focus on the tasks he had to do. 

“I tend to shoot from a little lower. As a result, the RBI was low and the shot timing was slow, so I allowed a block shot. He tried to correct his shooting form from the long-term side, but the coach also ordered him to shoot from the side of his face. I’m going to practice shooting a lot this off-season and try to make it my own as much as possible.” In

2022, when I was about to be promoted to the 3rd grade at Suwon Girls’ High School, we started talking again. 
In the previous interview, he was in the process of rehabilitation after cruciate ligament surgery, so he was anxious and worried. Still, his body got better and better as he went through rehabilitation and training (during his third year of high school). He is also looking for stability in his play. Now I am doing well with no pain.

I heard that his first season in the pro was so hectic that he can’t remember it well. What about Mina Kim?
I think I was left more impressed. I’m sorry that it felt short. It’s not easy to get into the game even a little bit and be able to play. I wanted to be of some help to the unnies and the team. I am grateful (for being able to compete), and I tried to work harder. I think we had a meaningful season.

Please brag about your team.
First of all, you can see the mountains and the sea from the terrace of the accommodation (laughs). There is a beach about 15 minutes away on foot. When I go out, I go for a walk. The food at the accommodation is delicious, and the director and coaches are nice too. (What specifically?) Please point out in detail when exercising. I really like how you tell me one by one. Even if you have a question, it’s not difficult to ask, but it’s an atmosphere where you can talk comfortably. And the unnies are really fun. In particular, Jinan unnie is very excited and dances really well. There is absolutely nothing rigid between seniors and juniors. 

How is the dorm life?
Me and my classmate (Park) Seong-jin share the same room, and her other older sisters share a single room. Personally, since it was her first time living in a dorm, she was worried that it would be uncomfortable to live with other people. However, since we are together, it was nice to adapt quickly and be able to support each other. Even when going out, she went out with Sungjin and got some fresh air and it was good. I think it’s more sticky because there are only two motives. 

How did you spend your first paycheck?
The victory allowance came in first (beyond her first salary), so I gave all of her first salary to her mother (laughs). Her mother said, “It’s my daughter’s first salary, and I’m thrilled.” I think she was moved. 

She is a proud daughter. Now she wants to talk about basketball. After all, there are many differences between high school and pro, right?
When I was in high school, I had classes and exercise at the same time, so my exercise time was short. Pros systematically divide their workouts into weights in the morning, ball workouts in the afternoon, and personal training at night. Above all, I practice shooting a lot. In the case of weights, the facilities are much better than in high school, and I think the range of exercises has expanded. I felt the anticipation and excitement that I could develop because it is a system optimized for exercise. And there is definitely a big difference from high school in terms of fighting and physical. 

Are there any stories you hear from the directors and coaches?
Talk a lot about defense. He often gives me advice on how to escape when I get caught on the screen in a 2v2 situation, or what to follow when the opponent breaks through. He told me to be confident in the attack and to focus firmly until the end. 

Are there any parts that you find particularly difficult?
The rotation defense is still a bit difficult. Overall, there are many similarities (to high school), but it feels like an upgrade. Even if the coach informs me calmly during the operation time, the defense promised between the sisters has not yet been figured out. In pro, you have to know what kind of attack your opponent is good at and defend accordingly. That momentary judgment is still lacking. 

Are there any efforts you are making to improve your defense?
I can see the defense of the older sisters from the outside, not the starting lineup. Thinking carefully about what the coaches are telling me, I also look up videos of how other players are doing. When I practice, I try to focus more while recalling the things I learned. 

Although it was short, I played in 20 regular league games, and scored double digits against KB Stars on March 2nd. 
I came in with the mindset of sticking to the basics. He had the thought, ‘I have to go in and defend hard’, and he was told to be confident, but there were many chances. My family liked it, and I was happy that the unnies complimented me so much no matter what I did. 

He said he changed his shooting form from the middle of the season. 
I tend to shoot from a little lower. As a result, the RBI was low and the shot timing was slow, so I allowed a block shot. I tried to correct my shooting form from a long-term perspective, but the coach also ordered me to shoot from the face. It’s awkward because I’m still in the process of adjusting (stance), and there were even airballs coming out during the game. I practice shooting a lot this off-season and try to make it my own as much as possible. 메이저사이트

How do you plan to spend your off-season?
I am currently living with my family at my house in Gimpo. I met my relatives, went to cafes with my friends, and went to see my older sister in Ansan. And from March 30th, for 8 days, the team will go to Hawaii, and we will have fun there (laughs). After that, I plan to do pin removal surgery and exercise while rehabilitating. I practice shooting a lot with my new form, and I want to build up my body so that there are no setbacks in off-season team training. 

Hawaii travel and rehabilitation are all fighting. Finally, a word of determination. 
In the 2023-2024 season, I’m trying to do my best to get more opportunities. When I go into a game, I want to be a player who helps the team win. 

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