Andres Iniesta (39, Vissel Kobe) expressed great satisfaction with life in Japan.

Iniesta, who was a star of Barcelona, ​​moved to Kobe in 2018 after playing 16 seasons. He signed a new two-year contract with Kobe in 2021. With his 메이저사이트 contract nearing expiration, Iniesta announced an extension of his active career.

Iniesta said in an interview with Spanish media ‘Asia Northeast’, “I love football. As long as I have passion, I will continue to play in Japan. I am not retiring,” he said.

Life in Japan opened up a second life for Iniesta. “Japan is a very cozy place. Accepted me and my family. I am enjoying life in Kobe. I feel very good when I walk down the street with my family.” /

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