■ Records left by the 2023 WBC

1,306,414 people visiting stadiums

Expected revenue of more than 130.6 billion won

U.S./Japan finals 4.97 million viewers

Concerned about injury ‘Holding in March’ is homework

2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) defeats Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) The match ended with Japan’s victory.

Celebrating its 5th episode this year, WBC is being evaluated as having succeeded in ‘historical box office drive’ in all respects, including audiences, viewership ratings, and topicality. According to the Associated Press on the morning of the 23rd (Korean time), this WBC earned more than 100 million dollars (approximately 130.6 billion won), the largest ever. In addition, the total number of spectators for this tournament was 1,306,414, a 20% increase from 1,086,720 in the 4th tournament in 2017. The average attendance per game also increased by 24% from 20,402 in 2017 to 25,275. TV ratings also hit the jackpot. The match between Japan and the United States was watched by 4.97 million people on TV. This is the largest viewership in WBC history. The highest audience rating for this tournament was 48.7% between Japan and Italy.메이저사이트

This year’s WBC was especially popular because a tense tug-of-war was created through short-term matches with many variables, and nationalism and commercialism were exquisitely intertwined. Topic was also the best. Ohtani’s every move that led to Japan’s victory drew great attention throughout the tournament. Instead of returning to Japan, Ohtani stayed in the United States to digest the American professional baseball major league schedule. Ohtani is scheduled to take the mound in the Angels’ minor league game on the 25th. Ohtani will be the starting pitcher and designated hitter in the opening game against the Oakland Athletics on the 31st. Nicaragua’s pitcher Duke Hibbert’s rise in status also drew attention. Hibbert, who played in his home league, struck out Juan Soto (San Diego Padres), Julio Rodriguez (Seattle Mariners), and Rafael Devers (Boston Red Sox), big league heavy hitters, in the first round of Group D against the Dominican Republic on the 14th. After the game, he drew attention by signing a minor league contract with the Detroit Tigers.

But there are also sad voices. The WBC is a tournament held in March before the start of the regular season. That is why the voices of concern about the injuries of players who receive huge ransoms have not ceased. In fact, in this tournament, pitcher Edwin Dias (New York Mets), who represented Puerto Rico, suffered a knee injury, and infielder Jose Altuve (Houston Astros), who wore a Venezuelan uniform, suffered a fractured finger.

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