The new captain of the French national soccer team, Kylian Mbappe, led the team with two goals and one assist in the first match wearing an armband.

France defeated the Netherlands 4-0 in the first leg of Group B of the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying league held at the Stade de France in Paris, France on the 25th (Korean time). Mbappe became the main character of the victory with two goals and one assist, and Antoine Griezmann and Dayo Upamecano added one goal each.

The match on this day also drew great attention as Mbappe’s captain’s debut. After last year’s FIFA World Cup final in Qatar, the French national team captain Hugo Lloris announced his retirement from the national team. Coach Didier Deschamps recently appointed Mbappe as the new captain, and this match was Mbappe’s first match wearing the captain’s armband.

As a leader, Mbappe had a big impact on the game and led the team to a great victory, ending his pleasant captaincy debut. Also, with Griezmann, who was reported to be considering retirement from the national team without being able to rise from vice-captain to captain, he showed that there was no problem in the relationship with good chemistry and dispelled concerns. The opening goal on the day was Griezmann’s goal, assisted by Mbappe.

The speech Mbappe gave to his teammates in the halftime locker room as captain also made headlines. On the 26th, the French Football Association released a video of the halftime locker room against the Netherlands on its official Twitter account. In the video, Mbappe enters the locker room and starts talking to his teammates. At the time, France scored three goals in the first half to lead 3-0.

Mbappe said: “Good job everyone, very good job. That’s how we start the game. Let’s not let the opponent breathe, let’s not give them any chances. Let’s do the same in the second half, the same. Don’t let the opponent get up.” It’s our job,” he said. 메이저사이트

He said this with the thought that the Netherlands could raise the mood if they lose their mental strength in the second half when they are leading by three goals. He was born in 1998 and is only 25 years old, but it was also advice from his experience of playing 67 A matches. In addition, as a captain, the responsibility was added to encourage his fellow players and to let go of the tension, and in the end, France added one goal in the second half and won a great victory.

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