I didn’t know that I would come back to full form so quickly.

Samsung Lions Kim Ji-chan (21). They are performing in all directions with frighteningly fast feet right before the opening.

Kim Ji-chan, who recorded 2 hits in 4 at-bats in the opening game against NC on the 1st, led the team to their first win of the season by scoring 2 points in the NC game on the 2nd the next day. It was a masterpiece to rush home when Ja-wook Koo hit a short hit at the end of the 6th inning, with 2 out on 1st base, where the score was 7-6. At the perfect out-timing, he momentarily removed his left arm and avoided the tag. It was a super run that Samsung coach Park Jin-man also praised as “a play that only Kim Ji-chan can do.”메이저사이트

A fatal hamstring relapse in athletes who run a lot. Dark clouds hung over ahead of the season.

However, Kim Ji-chan quickly robbed and returned. Coach Park Jin-man, who had initially tinkered with the top hitter Lee Seong-kyu and Kang Han-wool, also expressed satisfaction with Kim Ji-chan’s impeccable performance.

However, his physical condition is not perfect. He’s just maxing out output for the team.

“To be honest, the priority is not to get sick. It’s right to do your best on the ground, but if you hit a ground ball and sprint, you can become overworked. As long as you don’t get sick, you have to run hard.”

A 4th year infielder with juniors. Will he be able to break the 300 mark, a symbol of a good hitter that he has never achieved before?

“I think it’s time to hit 30%. But I’m not conscious of it. I think it’s good to put my thoughts aside and make it happen.”

When the Korean baseball team was strong, there were Lee Yong-gyu and Jeong Geun-woo, who made a breakthrough.

time of generational change. Kim Ji-chan is the player who can shake the opposing team with aggressive running. 30% batting average is an intermediate goal toward the Taegeuk mark.

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